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Thread: First timer report June 23-29

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    Talking First timer report June 23-29

    It was awesome. Club Mobay is worth the money. We arrived on 23rd and got to our room on the nude beach (2130 with jacuzzi) right after lunch. The room was immaculate and well layed out. After a few minutes we unpacked and got naked and went to the pool. We did not meet anyone just yet just watched and had a few drinks. We went back to our room and met our neighbors. Veteran Hedo�ers. Good folks. We went and got a couples massage and scrum on the beach. It was heaven. Make sure and book Marjorie if you get one. She is magic. The massage set the bar high but the rest of the stay was just as good. Weather was perfect afternnon tain kpt the temperature just right in the afternoon and evening.

    Damion our pool boy kept out hot tub up and towels never ran out. The food was above board all week. I did not eat one thing that was not good. We ate at all 3 specialty restaurants and all were good but the Japanese grill and Pastafari we the best. If you eat at the Japanese grill make sure and get Rashane as your cook. That guy was hilarious. The adult beverage selection was good and the staff are not shy on the pours.

    The room was above clean and the liquor bar was stocked twice a day. The beach hammock right out our door was where we spent most of our daytime hours sleeping and playing occasionally. Had several onlookers as people walked by from rooms to nude pool. We went on both catamarans trips and loved it. Captain Stone is a hoot. Rick�s was great. I jumped 4 times. What a charge!

    The nightly entertainment was good. The troup was very talented just some of the dancing was not my thing. The �other� nightly entertainment was great. Did not meet one person I could not talked to and enjoy. We did our thing in the hot tub a couple times and visited the playroom a couple times as well. The pool DJ was great as well as the pool grill. Had one party on our deck and hot tub. Actually got to meet Harry at the pool and in the disco. He was there for a few days. The wife dressed for every evening and was highly complimented.

    We did more playing in the 6 days there than we can recall, it was great. Saw a lot of playing as well. We never ventured over past the pier to the prude side. Did not see a reason to as everything we wanted was from the dining hall to the nude pool. Only got dressed to go to dining hall, gym, and Rick�s (except ride home). Last I said screw it and wore a towel to dinner.

    The resort was not at capacity and from the stories I hear I kind of like not being at 100%. Never had to wait for anything or felt cramped.

    We met all sorts, from other first timers to veterans. Everyone was great. There were a few folks that we hanged with most of the time because they were just funnier than shit. Did not meet one person who was not nice, except for the one immigration girl who was having a bad day and let everyone know it. The Hedo staff was the best. They catered to our every whim with smiles and great attitudes.

    Overall the best resort/hotel we have every been. We were sad to leave but wore out. We booked our next trip while checking out. We go back next June for 8 days this time and may even sneak in 4 day trip in the fall if we can.


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    Thanks for the know you had a good time when you have to go home for a rest...and you book your next trip on the way out!

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    Great trip report, funny your experience seemed very much like ours did on our first trip earlier this year. And I'm sure a lot of people who go for the first time and have a great attitude. We couldn't wait till next year so we booked for later this year. Damian is awesome! He took care of our jacuzzi as well and seemed to anticipate anything we needed. Anyways great trip report always glad to read that our trip was not an anomaly, but rather the norm at Hedo. One of the reasons we'll keep coming back!

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    THAT is an awesome trip report and thanks for taking the time to write it up and post it.

    Perhaps our paths will cross next June if you are during or near the same timeframe.

    Enjoy the anticipation of your next trip!

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    thanks, great report, we are booking club moray right now

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    The Rocky Mountain way is better than the way we had.
    Thanks for the inspiring trip report. We can't wait. Just a little over 100 days now until our adventure begins. See you all there

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    Update... We arrive June 29 and leave on July 7.

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