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Thread: I had and amazing time!

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    I had and amazing time!

    All the groups this week mesh very well together. I actually had real conversations with people I've seen most every year, quite a bit more than "hey, how've you been" I even learned a name! Thank you Brandon for the introduction, we had a great time.
    I booked with Ann's group again this year and they were all very kind and the hosts made sure things were going smoothly. As a single female they did keep an eye on me along with all of my friends there. If you're a single female and worried about traveling alone, don't!

    Lesson Learned, Let the front desk know of your departure. They didn't realize I had a private taxi and called me up at 8:30 wanting to know where I was. Oof, there was a complete misunderstanding as I thought my companions were there and ready to leave in the private cab. After throwing everything in my luggage (only half packed) and racing up to the front, of course anyone and everyone who would have laughed at this was there eating breakfast, I got to the front desk in record time. Only to find out I was right. whew. I actually got time to get in a shower, proper clothes... deoderant, 2 bloody mary's the important things on your last day. **Dear breakfast crowd, you're welcome for the entertainment. Departure in a private cab at 10 with Rocky's went wonderful. I did Club Mobay on my way out, If you're traveling fri-mon, just do it. It's $30/pp and totally worth every penny.

    If you have mold spore allergies, **BRING LYSOL** use it at least every other day. You're being showered with allergens every night... this will lesson the affects.

    This year, I slept when my body said sleep! I had a few quiet mornings, took my time getting to the pool and it was really nice. I didn't need "A vacation from my vacation" when I came home for the first time. Plenty of towels, cleaning staff was really nice. Love the new showers, much nicer than the old confusing ones that are impossible to manage after 3 drinks.

    The buffet was ok, The Flame was nice, but small portions. Pastafari was great as usual, don't hesitate to eat more than 1 dessert, so hard to choose! Harrysan was good as usual.
    *The foam party, for the 1st 5 minutes or so, it will smell very chemically, so you may want to wait a few minutes.

    I did win 3 free days at the repeaters party! woo! Guess who's gonna be at hedo for her birthday?!

    Already looking forward to next year's shennanigans!

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    Great report! And I'm so glad I had the chance, albeit short, to see and say to you via webcam last week from the Krewe de Krazy Life jacuzzi headquarters. That was so cool.

    Your points above are well taken and yes, the Krewe group always keeps an eye on all the Krewe ladies (and others also).

    Good feedback about both Cub Mobay and Rocky's. (Note: Rocky's is the official Krewe private airport transport company and is US$80 roundtrip next June also).

    And congrats on winning the 3 free nights at the repeaters party---so cool!!!

    Let me know when you are ready for the Krewe group for next June. I'll be back and I have lots to catch up on--not including the nude beach renewal of vows of two Krewe members....

    Take care in the meantime

    Ann (still in Australia)

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    Enjoyed your trip report! Appreciate when you say you slept when you needed to sleep. We were very much that way on our last trip and it just feels...good. Enjoy the 3 free night on you next trip. Jealous!
    Returning to HEDO sometime in 2019

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