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Thread: June 21st -> June 25th 2018 trip report

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    June 21st -> June 25th 2018 trip report

    So we just got back from a long weekend at Hedo, and we had an AMAZING time! They're renovating the 2110 building (last one before H block), there's a new playroom at the hot tub on the nude side. Looked like 2 beds in it, attached off of the restrooms toward the tub itself, pretty obvious. The big plant near the ramp / spa / fitness center is gone, they had a bulldozer ripping out all the roots and stuff. From what the staff were saying, they're going to relandscape it once they're done.

    Prude pool and bar are torn apart, they've got the bar relocated to the tree near the volleyball court.

    Nude pool temp is awesome, just warmed enough to not being deathly chill after dinner, definitely saw more people in the pool after dinner a night or two.

    The food was a little lower quality than usual, wife thinks they might have a new head chef, or maybe they're just not using their #1 people because its the offseason?

    They also had a large chunk of the beachside prude side cautioned off, not ON the beach but the last set of walkways to that side, but it didn't look like there was active rebuilding going on.

    The gift shop's selection of toys and paraphernalia was waaay reduced. There were a few really crappy grinders and some low-quality pipes, and the toys are just on a single small set of shelves now.

    All that said, we had a AMAZING time, the place is just fucking magical.
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    Thanks for the report and glad you enjoyed!

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    Your Hedo veteran status report is welcomed. Concise and to the point--especially your final comment which sums it up perfectly.

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    How did I miss you AGAIN?! I'm quite sure we chatted but didn't realize it was you! I'm such a bonehead.

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