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Thread: OCT 2018 roll call!

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    Jul 2018
    We will be there 20-28 see yall there

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    Sep 2012
    We'll be there 18-27. See y'all soon!
    Next trips:
    Hedo 3-10 Feb 2019
    Bliss Infinity cruise Apr 2019
    Fall 2019... Looks like Desire now that the 14/3 is gone!

    Past trips:
    Hedonism II: since 2010 with the Nood Brood (3), Tabu (1), Fluffernutters (5), Playful Pussycats (1) and a few without a group (3)
    Desire RM Feb 2011 / Desire Pearl May 2012
    Couples Cruise May 2014 / Bliss Cruise Nov 2015

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    Jun 2017
    Yes, my lady and I will be there Oct 15 through the 23 for her birthday. I've been told to bring a sack of Cialis so that I'm always ready.

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    Playful Pussycats are IN THE HOUSE 17-27th. Looking forward to meeting everyone. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

    Join us by calling 888.242.1055 or email
    The Playful Pussycats

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    We will be there Oct 20-26. Geez only98 days to go. Our 4 trip but our first with the playful pussycats. Looking forward to lots of crazy fun in the sun, and pool, an hot tub, and playrooms and .....
    Trip 1. Feb 1-8, 2012
    Trip 2. Feb 1-12, 2013. - more exploration!!

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    We can't wait to meet you guys!!

    Join us by calling 888.242.1055 or email
    The Playful Pussycats

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    Sep 2017
    New Zealand
    Hi Guys We will be there all the way from New Zealand 2nd visit

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    Oct 2013
    We will be there 10/26 to 11/3

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    Oct 2017
    Yorkshire UK
    Our tour operator has messed up our booking and double booked us, we have had to change our dates to October 6th - October 20th. Looking forward to making friends, it will be our first time at Hedo.

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    Apr 2018
    We will be there Oct 9-15

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    Dec 2013
    New England
    60 days and counting! Time to start trying on outfits!!!
    Nov 2016 day pass
    Oct 2017 the Virgin trip
    Oct 2018

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    Well be there oct 8-13! Its our first time and we are celebrating her 30th birthday! Let us know if anyone will be there at the same time! Shoot us a message, we would love to make some friends beforehand! Also interested to hear what to expect for first time! Hope to see yall there!

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    Aug 2018
    Kansas City
    We'll be making our first trip October 21st-26th. We're so excited to meet new friends and have a great time!
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    We will be there!! let us know if you have any questions!!

    Join us by calling 888.242.1055 or email
    The Playful Pussycats

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    May 2016
    October 27 to Nov 3 for us

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