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Thread: Nudes from the Front!

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    Nudes from the Front!

    Cowgirl and Cowboy are in the house! Made it to Hedo at 7:30 this morning! Enjoyed a nice breakfast and then headed down to the beach to relax till our room was ready!
    Got into our room at 10:30!
    Hope to meet the Hellians group after we unpack!

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    Thanks for the update! Love Nudes from the Front. Looking forward to more information and updates!
    Returning to HEDO sometime in 2019

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    Couldn't post anymore info yesterday as the Internet is only 1 bar in my room. Will do my best to post every day that I can.
    It is my seventh Hedo trip and Cowboy's second trip. We came to Hedo last year for our honeymoon and this is our one year anniversary trip!
    Friday was our travel day and we stayed at Negril Palms which is 5 min. Down the road from Hedo. Our flight landed at 2:30 p.m. And there wasn't a single person in the customs area. The people from our plane literally walked right up to the desks at the front of the room. We didn't have to wait at all. We got thru and headed to pick up our luggage, which hadn't even arrived yet! Picked up our luggage then headed to the Sun Holiday desk to check in with them. Then went outside and had a Ting! (Jamaican Grapefruit soda!) So airport was very quick! But then it was at least an hour by the time our bus was fully loaded and heading out. That is the longest it has ever taken us in all my 7 trips, so it was frustrating. The trip seemed to take forever, school and rush hour traffic meant congested roads. We also made a jerk chicken/bathroom stop which took forever with 13 people on the bus all using the restroom and standing in line for food.
    We finally arrived at Hedo at 6pm, dropped off 3 people and then went across the street to Royalton to drop of everyone else. Then the driver took us down the road to Negril Palms. We were exhausted after our long travel day, and barely managed to stay awake while we waited for our food to arrive at the restaurant there. Ate quickly and then collapsed in our room! Which is why we stay there instead of paying for that night at Hedo!
    Saturday was a wonderful day. We left Negril Palms and took a taxi to Hedo. We got here at 7:30 and enjoyed breakfast. We left our luggage with the front desk since our room wasn't ready. We headed to the nude pool to relax. We had fun taking some nude pics of me in the water by the watersports area with 3 starfish arranged in sexy spots! No one else was around to be bothered by our photos.
    We do yoga at home so we decided to be adventuresome and do our morning yoga on the floating dock, nude! We were able to do most positions, eventhough they were much more challenging on the water. Amazing how much harder your abs have to work when you are not on a solid surface! Then we floated in the ocean for most of the morning. Decided to head back up to the front desk at 10:30 to see if they had a room. They did! We are in 1253, which is almost to the road, literally as Far East as you can go, almost to Sandals. But that is fine. We found the hidden hottub! And we are getting plenty of exercise walking back and forth from the nude pool to our room!
    This is our 1st time in one of the updated rooms and it is awesome! Especially the bathroom. Shower has a hand shower and also a 10 inch by 10 inch square shower head that is like standing in the rain! So tons of water if you want it! Hand shower is great for rinsing sand off feet or quick clean ups. Controls are simple and easy to use, unlike the old bathrooms. Bathroom door was replaced with a frosted glass door on a suspended track, so the glass door rolls along the wall bedside the closet and is totally out of the way. Shelves under the sink and on the walls really help.
    Coffee table is gone, which makes the room less cluttered. So nice to have a fridge with bottled water for taking meds in the early morning/late at night. Closet is roomy. The new drawers actually work and we also have a tower fan in our room. Mirrors are still above the bed and across from the bed. They added a full length mirror which is awesome when getting dressed.
    We quickly unpacked and headed back to the nude pool. We enjoyed beef patties for lunch and then got into the pool.
    It felt so good to be naked and together. No jobs or any other stresses to worry about! Decided to start the anniversary trip right! We had packed our travel size lube and so we played in the pool. The music was the perfect tempo for riding my cowboy as we put on a show! It started raining big warm drops but that didn't stop us. Luckily, I had my cowgirl hat on to keep the rain off my face! I was at 7 orgasms when we decided to take a break! I am such a lucky woman! We visited with some of the people in the pool and then walked back to our room in the warm rain!
    We napped until 6 and then showered and headed to Harrysans for dinner in our Cowgirl and Cowboy outfits ( I had to blow dry my hat because it was soaked from the rain earlier!)
    Food was delicious, especially the curried coconut shrimp, which was new this year. Almost no one else wanted the sushi, so we got to have extra.
    Then we headed to the main dining area for a quick dessert of fruit and key lime pie. We watched a tiny part of The Men at Large show and then tossed our costumes at the room, got naked and headed back to the nude side. We relaxed under the stars and then tried out the new "fuck hut", that is near the bathrooms. It has one queen size bed and one twin size. There were towels, sheets, condoms and trash cans. We Had the place to ourselves. We had fun playing and added 4 more orgasms to bring my total to 11 for the day! Wahoo! Cowboy finally let himself come so that we could call it a night!
    Walked back to our room along the beach and collapsed into bed!
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    How is Negril Palms? We're doing the same in Oct...
    Next trips:
    Hedo 3-10 Feb 2019
    Bliss Infinity cruise Apr 2019
    Fall 2019... Looks like Desire now that the 14/3 is gone!

    Past trips:
    Hedonism II: since 2010 with the Nood Brood (3), Tabu (1), Fluffernutters (5), Playful Pussycats (1) and a few without a group (3)
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    Sounds like a great start to an amazing week! Keep having fun and thanks for the reports.
    Couples, San Souci- August, 2016
    Hedo II - August, 2017
    Couples, Negril- August, 2018 including 2 day passes to Hedo

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    HOLY COWgirl... 11 on the first night....the aroma must be intoxicating through out the resort........I bow to you....LOL

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    Sunday at Hedo!
    Up at 5:45 so that we could be on the beach by 6am. Cowboy runs half marathons and always does a long run on Sundays. He put on his running shoes but I went barefoot, so that I could go down into the ocean and cool off along the way. He runs way faster then me, so we decided that we would head down the beach and he would run back and forth so that he could keep an eye on me! It is always fun to see the other resorts along the Negril beach. He ran (and I mostly walked) for almost 2 hour hours. We made it a bit past the Margaritaville restaurant and then turned around and headed back towards Hedo. With his back and forth pace, he got in 11 miles to my 5 miles! We were both happy to get our exercise out of the way first thing in the morning. Then we did some yoga to stretch out, showered and Enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. The mini coconut croissants are so delicious with Jamaican honey on them!
    Headed to the nude beach to layout for a while. Took the resort snorkeling trip at 11:30. They give you fins and mask with snorkel, and take you out and let you snorkel for 30 min. It is free, part of the all-inclusive package! We saw lots of pretty fish and the water was so cool and clear. Julian, our favorite water sports guy was part of the crew! 2 hours of running on the beach and then snorkeling really wiped us out, so we went back to the room for a little nap before we ate lunch.
    We had lunch at the Flame grill (formerly know as the Prude grill). We had jerk chicken, fries and salad. The jerk sauce is delicious!
    Headed back to the nude beach for some more sunbathing. Harry, Hedo's owner, was at the pool, hanging out with everyone. It is so awesome that the resort owner is right there in the pool socializing!
    We snagged beef patties at the grill for a snack. We knew we wanted to stay up late tonight, so we splurged and both got Pepsi in our big mugs! Enjoyed floating in the ocean and sunbathing all afternoon. Weather was excellent. Not a speck of wind, so we didn't get to go out in the Hobie cats like we had hoped.
    Finally decided to head back to the room for a little rest before dinner. Had some play time which meant 3 orgasms for me! Cowboy was holding out for playtime after dinner!
    It was school girl night! I had red pasties since my outfit showed my tits, and wore my long black stiletto boots. He wore a green kilt. We had dinner at the Flame grill. Everything was delicious. Got to try the crab cake appetizer that we had heard about. Yum! We both had the shrimp and steak entree. We skipped desert as we planned to have that later. Then we headed to the main restaurant for the costume contest.
    Since I love to dress up, I have an outfit to fit every theme night. And they give you 2 Hedo bucks just for participating in the costume contest!
    We met a nice couple and sat with them while we watched the show. I popped into the Pasta restaurant to ask if they had any Creme Brle desserts left over. They gave me two! So we enjoyed our delicious desserts as we watched the show. Had fun dancing on the dance floor to some of the songs they sung. Harry was out dancing as well!
    Boy was it hot. My school girl outfit was so tiny but I was dripping from sweat while we were dancing. We went to the piano bar for a few minutes to enjoy the cool air conditioning and then hiked back to our room to get rid of our clothes.Grabbed the lube and headed to the playroom at 10:30. Spent a couple of hours playing with each other. So fun to make love under the stars (as the main room has no roof. We were in the middle of the room and there were couples on the beds all around us. It is like being a star in a live porno movie! Such a turn on. We also tried out the big glass shower in the S&M room, and finished up on beds in there. It was cooler than the main room, with a big ceiling fan going. There was also sexy music playing, which was nice. Various people were trying out the swing and the cross.
    A fun time was had by all, especially me! I had 17 orgasms, to add to the 3 before dinner, which put me at 20 orgasms for the day! I love my life! Talk about a sex marathon! I am amazed that Cowboy can hold out that long! But he says that waiting makes his orgasm so intense when he finally does come!
    By the time we were done, it was 12:30 and we both had the munchies, so we headed down to the nude grill for a delicious pizza. The nude pool complex was hopping, with all kinds of sex activities going on. We enjoyed watching the activities while we ate. So it was 1:30 when got back to our room and collapsed in bed. What a day!

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    Really enjoyed reading this--We'd love to hear more if you stayed longer!

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    Great report!

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