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Thread: May 8th-15th First time F-21, M-25

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    May 8th-15th First time F-21, M-25

    2018 Hedonism Review, May 8th – 15th (F-21, M-24)

    Since people seem to like a bit of a backstory…I will say this was completely my idea, the male. My girl is generally shy but this experience was completely new to both of us. We had never been to a nude beach or lifestyle club nor anything of the sorts before. We decided to just dive in head first and not look back. I could not have been happier with the results, and we both feel much closer as a couple after experiencing this together. (P.S. I am not a writer so please excuse any mistakes or if the review does not flow smoothly haha.) I wrote this review because prior to our first time we had so many questions and other peoples reviews really helped ease both of our minds and ultimately made this trip possible. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message.

    Easy sailing through airport. We used Jamaican Tours LTD as our transport. Cheap but we ended up waiting for about 45 minutes on the bus prior to leaving the airport. Arrived around 2PM (2 hour trip). Surprised how nice the lobby looked. I will say the photos do not do it justice. However, we were a little disappointed that they did not have a room ready for us, but it was not a big deal. They held our bags and told us to go get some food at the buffet. After eating and visiting the main bar for some tequila shots, our room was ready. Room 1228, one of the closer rooms to the Sandals grounds next door. This was nice as it was always quiet and we did not mind the walk to the other activities. When we got to the room we got ready to take the plunge to the nude pool. After wandering around a bit and asking a few people for directions we made it to the “courtyard” just outside the nude pool. We hesitated at that moment and decided we did not want to look like complete newbies so we disrobed right there. We grabbed a cubby and went right to the bar for some drinks. After we got our drinks one of the other younger couples there had come right up and started talking to us. It was there last day there, but they had a lot of good information for us. The had informed us that the resort was doing 3 free catamaran cruises the next day (Wednesday) to make up for the rain outs and power outages that we had apparently just missed the week prior. We stayed in the main pool and talked for a few drinks then headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. We ate at the buffet with another couple (Midwest) that we had met prior to arriving in Jamaica. We mentioned the catamaran cruise and everyone was interested in doing that the next day. After dinner we all went back to our rooms to get ready for glow night. We caught a little of the show but did not think much of it and then it began to rain. So unfortunately they moved the main pool party to the disco. Instead of heading there after late dinner and show we decided to go to the nude hot tub to see what was going on. It began to pick up sometime around 11:30PM. At one point there was an older couple doing it in one ‘corner’ of the hot tub. At first we were in a bit of disbelief but after the rest of the week this was one of the more ‘tame’ acts that we saw. We called it an early night, got pizza from the nude grill and headed back to the room to eat and go to sleep. We had a long day traveling starting at 3AM so we did pretty well for our first night.

    Woke up and got breakfast at the main buffet. We were a little confused as to how the whole catamaran thing was supposed to work but we got more details at breakfast, first come first serve and be down at the beach at 10AM. Not know if people were going nude or dressed we packed a bag and wore our suits. The suits didn’t last too long as people were getting naked early on. This catamaran was one of the better memories of our trip. They had an open bar on board as well as some finger food. The first stop was snorkeling at a reef not too far off the coast. This was sub-par as we did not see too many fish and only saw a small sea ray. After this we headed to Ricks Café to swim in the caves. This was a lot of fun as they actually let you swim unsupervised through the caves. (Should have taken advantage of the unsupervised part like some of the other couples did.) Unfortunately we chose the wrong boat as one of the groups there with topless travel seemed to be having way more fun than us, but we did get the pleasure of watching all of their shenanigans. On the way back to the resort everyone was nude, dancing on the bows as other resorts were looking at us from shore like we were some sort of exhibit. We did not mind this as everyone made the most of it mooning shorelines and other boats passing by. In the middle of this we suddenly heard a lot of cheering coming from our neighboring catamaran. We turn around to see what was going on…we see two females on the bow of the catamaran having sex. The one girl was wearing a strap on and had the other girl bent over the bow/sail. Too funny, now all boats were watching and everyone was cheering. We made it back safely to the resort around 2PM where we headed to the nude pool for more drinks. We met another couple there that happened to be swingers but were in no way pushy about it. They were great as they adopted us in and really taught us a lot about the resort. We also had met one of the entertainment crew guys named Matt, he was very friendly and younger so he seemed to hang around us which was entertaining. While talking to all of these new people, topless travel was offering the entertainment. It started off with how to make a girl squirt. So they had a ‘successful’ couple up on stage demonstrating. Immediately following this they had brought out some rather large dildos and they were trying to fit those in (same couple that demonstrated squirting). The largest one was unsuccessful. Next was a fuck machine that they had girls volunteering to get up and try it out. I think 3 or 4 girls did it and it seemed to be successful and happy afterwards. After spending the afternoon at the nude pool we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. We had planned on meeting the Midwest couple at the Japanese restaurant (the best in my opinion). While we were waiting for a table and for the other couple to meet us there we had ran into a different couple (Dallas). They were extremely friendly and sat down next to us to wait. They were in a poly relationship so they had plenty to talk about and explain it to us. After talking for 15 min our table was ready and the other Midwest couple had made it down. We sat with both the Midwest couple as well as the Dallas couple. The food was great and the conversation between couples was even better. After dinner we headed back to the room to get dressed for fetish night. We met the two other couples from dinner after getting changed. We grabbed some more drinks and headed to the disco for the first time. After a couple of drinks and talking, the Entertainment crew (ECs) had announced that they were going to do a pole dance competition right in the disco. EC Matt, who we had met at the nude pool, was running the competition, so of course he had selected me as one of the contestants (3 guys and 3 girls). Having no clue what I was doing I somehow won, not a lot of competition I guess haha. I will say this was a great opportunity to meet more and more people as groups of people would come up to us, laughing, and it was a great lead into conversation. It was this way that we had actually met a lady named Michelle. She had brought a group of girls with her for the Show girl/Pole Star competition that was happening later in the week (Saturday). Along with her we met some of the girls she had brought down. I will say everyone we met was awesome and all had the same question, what is a couple so young doing here? At one point we went to the bathroom, as I was coming out I ran into Michelle again, who is a hoot, and she asked me to unzip her dress just outside the disco bathroom. She told me I better be right where she left me when she is done because she is going to need to be zipped back up. As she entered the bathroom I could hear her and my girl laughing as Michelle told her the story. This night we ended back in the hot tub/pool with the other Midwest couple. This night Topless travel was poolside with a Sybian. The girl from Midwest couple decided to give it a ride and really seemed to enjoy herself. I would say it took about 45 seconds and I don’t think she made it to the higher settings lol. After this we called it a night around 2AM.

    After the usual breakfast in the morning we spent the rest of the morning recovering from the night before on the nude beach. Just relaxing and drinking water. One of the awesome parts about this resort, is that they have coolers constantly filled with bottled water. After making our way to alcoholic drinks we got a pretty good buzz going and made it over to the nude pool for the entertainment that began around 2PM. The first of the activities was guess your significant others breasts. They brought a bunch of couples up on stage, then blindfolded the guys one by one. The girls would switch places and you would have to guess which one is ‘yours’ by only feeling breasts. Most of the guys did well, however, there were a few who may not have had a room to sleep in that night haha. After this was the ‘Carwash’. Before I knew if my girlfriend was up on stage…this was a shocker to me but nonetheless she dragged me up there too. The other couples we were with were laughing at us saying you don’t know what you’re getting into. Let me say they were absolutely correct. Pretty much all of the girls form a tunnel of breasts and hands, then the guys slowly make their way through the line. Everyone gets lathered up with oil and soap then the music begins. Being at the back of the line I would say I was waiting for 15-30 min before I got to go through. Let me just say there were some frisky females who showed no fear, but this was part of the experience and the fun. Towards the end of the ‘tunnel’ was my girl. Once I finally made it to her we started kissing and grinding. The whole crowd, in the pool watching, started cheering us on so that made it even more exciting. Long story short I left the carwash hard as a rock, the guy in front of me was right, and I quote: “You will have to go get your junk checked if you don’t leave this hard”. Topless travel was the group running these games so we got many opportunities to meet the people running it, and they were beyond awesome! We actually discussed returning when they were there. Then it began to drizzle, but no one cared, this was just an excuse to squeeze into the hot tub. While talking to the swinging couple (male) we had meet earlier I see him staring behind me and he pointed laughing. Well, I turn around and there is my girl making out in the hot tub with his wife. I watched in disbelief at first, but then we enjoyed the show. After things simmered down, we planned dinner at the steakhouse with this couple and a good amount of people from the topless travel group. We headed back to the room to get ready, this dinner that we wore our toga outfits. Well while the group of people we went to dinner with were awesome the service was not. We ate some bread, ordered food with the rest of the people and never got served (we had heard later from other couples that they had the same issue)…Instead of complaining and waiting longer we just decided to go to the buffet for a quick bite and meet back out with the rest of the couples after. Tonight was also the foam party just outside of the disco. Pretty much everyone stripped and headed into the foam. They were handing out silicone blinking rings, I’m not sure what they were for but us guys in our drunken state used them as cock rings for the majority of the night. The foam party was pretty awesome as everyone is grinding and dancing with their other half. This winded down pretty late and we made our way to the pool/hot tub to clean off and have some more fun. While we were there some of the girls from the competition were there as well. We had got to talking to one of the girls we had briefly met earlier who was dressed in clown face paint. She said it was not a fetish thing it just markets really well. Again we ended the night around 2AM with some pizza.

    Mainly a day of recovery. The usual routine eat, drink water, and nap on the beach. The girl was not feeling too hot as I am sure she was dehydrated from the day before. The sun and alcohol combination can really take a lot out of you, remember to hydrate when you are drinking!

    Went to breakfast, same as every other day. The omelets are great, but by this time the same food every day can get old. We relaxed at the nude beach and played cards in the morning. We went into the nude pool earlier than usual, guessing around noon. As soon as we walked up to the bar a couple from Orlando, began talking to us. They were extremely friendly and we got along great. It wasn’t too long into our conversation that an older couple came up and joined the conversation. This older gentleman seemed to be a bit pushy and could not take a hint. Finally, after he picked up my girlfriend from behind, we were done talking with them (this was our only negative experience the whole trip). The great thing about Hedo is that everyone will back you up. The Orlando couple met him earlier and had the same thought about them. Then they saw this happen and could tell that we were uneasy with it. Therefore, he got the cold shoulder from us and everyone we knew the rest of our trip. After countless drinks with the Orlando couple and playful conversation we found ourselves in the hot tub with pretty much everyone we had met and became friends with on the trip. One of the main talking points of the day was visiting the playroom later that night. It seemed that everyone had interest in going they were just a bit gun-shy about it. My girl had mentioned that we brought a bottle of baby oil and everyone wanted us to bring it to the playroom later that night. After all of this talk, someone had the idea to get a beach volleyball game together. We made our way over there where we got killed by the resort workers. The next game we actually played against other people staying at the resort and they seemed to be on a more equal level of drunkenness so the games were much better. Then it began to downpour, but most of the people did not care as it only added to the fun. There was a nice hut right next to the volleyball court that people could stay under if they did not want to play nor get wet. Volleyball ended around 5-6, then everyone headed up to their room to get ready for dinner. After all Saturday night was the showgirl competition and we had heard good things about it and met many of the competitors. We arrived first with one of the other couples and grabbed the largest table we could find. This was a majority of the ‘groups’ last night there so we wanted to make the most of it and hang out with everyone. The show was good and exceeded my expectation, although I am not sure how the scoring works because the audience placed the girls differently than the actual judges. During the show the girlfriend was not drinking due to her upset stomach but that did not stop her. One of the competitors we had met earlier used a lot of the girls from our group up on stage during her routine. After the show we made plans with the rest of our table to meet back down in the hot tub. We went back to the room to get some ‘medicine’ hoping my girl would feel better and it seemed to work. We also grabbed the baby oil just in case we ended up in the playroom later than night. We made our way to the hot tub when we ran into the male of the Orlando couple. He was on his way back to his room to get speakers for the hot tub since there is no music there. We went with him to his room then walked with him to the hot tub. He had the speakers and we had the baby oil, this should make for a great night. After being in the hot tub for quite some time, the couple from Dallas asked if we wanted to go to the voyeurism part of the playroom. I guess you can watch couples through one way windows that are in the playroom. As we got out of the hot tub the couple from Orlando also joined us. After wandering around trying to find the playroom, we finally made it there. And we jumped in head first and said screw the voyeurism section. We grabbed the 4 main beds right in the middle of the ‘courtyard spa’ of the play room. I could tell my girl was a bit uneasy so I thought it would be a good idea to start with a massage to calm her nerves. Then all of the other guys followed suit giving their girls massages as well with the baby oil. At one point we were all chatting and laughing when we got yelled at by the lady that works in the playroom. After the massage the real fun began to happen and all I can say was it was sensory overload, but in a good way. Everywhere you looked there was something sexual going on. I remember at one point seeing the mirrored windows (voyeurism section) but surprisingly that did not distract. I was also surprised how quiet everyone was. We love to be loud so we decided not to hold back. After spanking and moaning, I began to hear everyone else begin to join in. Again this just added to the whole experience. While all of this was going on, 4 of the girls from the showgirl competition came parading in and sat down on our beds. (And yes, one of the girls was the clown still in all of her face paint) They respectfully asked if they could join in. We mainly watched and my girl joined in on some of the action but this was still exhilarating. Then my girl and I went back to our bed and I went down on her again while watching all of the other action. After all of the fun, we got ourselves cleaned off and headed back to the room for more medicine and to talk about what had just happened.

    Generally we ate breakfast by ourselves, not sure why but no one seemed to be up as early as us, but Sunday we ate with the couple from Orlando. They were up early because they had to leave around noon. This was one of the better breakfasts we had as we reflected on last night’s experience as it was a first for us both. We learned even more about each other and exchanged contact information, then they were on their way to pack and get ready to leave. After this we went back to the room to get ready to relax on the nude beach. After playing cards for a while and relaxing in the sun we realized we really had no time this trip to ourselves. Most of the people we were hanging out with all week had left except one couple from Illinois. We felt a little bad as we were a bit more introverted than normal just because we wanted some time to ourselves. We decided to take a walk down the beautiful beach to sight see and get some photos. We did not participate in the theme night nor the activities just a night to ourselves in our room.

    (Notes/Comments: I do have to note that it was quite a bit milder after the topless travel group had left. The resort really had no one to fill in for afternoon activities.)

    All in all this was an awesome vacation and even a better experience. Follow the advice you see online and you will do great. We set our limit at same room play but no swapping and, for the most part, we stuck to that. I would also advise everyone to take some notes. I know it sounds dumb especially when you are on vacation, but all of the day seem to blend together. When people say, Go and you won’t regret it, I would say they are absolutely correct. This was our first time and I would say we were easily the youngest couple there (F-21, M-24). Just go with an open mind, just because someone strikes up conversation with you doesn’t mean they have an undercover motive. Everyone, with one exception, we met was unbelievably nice and very informative. This vacation is truly what you make it. In my opinion, I would say get outside your box, strike up conversation and have a great time! We will definitely be returning “home” soon.

    Hats off to my girl, you know who you are. Love you!!!

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    Wonderfully detailed trip report. So happy you experienced and fell in love with the magic of Hedo. I bet you're already planning your next trip!

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