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Thread: Our first Bliss Cruise Infinity 2019

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    Our first Bliss Cruise Infinity 2019

    My wife and I just booked our first Bliss Cruise for April 2019. We are extremely excited for this cruise as this will be our first time ever doing anything like this. We’re going on 8 years of marriage and really like the idea of trying new things, just very nervous about trying new things. We’re super strong in our marriage and are looking forward to going to meet and greets to ease into the “swing” of things. Lol.

    At the end of the day, this will be an awesome cruise away from the kids and a great chance to relax, (and bang like rabbits).

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    We just booked as well!! Excited, it will be our first of its kind.

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    We are booked as well, we have been “in the lifestyle” for a while but this is our first Bliss Cruise, looking forward to meeting new people and making some lasting memories!!
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    We are booked also. Looking forward to a fun exciting trip, with hopefully some new experiences. This is our first cruise of this kind. Hope to make the first experience a great one. This is going to be all new to us.

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