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Thread: Hot Tub Beds

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    Hot Tub Beds

    We are wondering how things are going with the new beds by the main hot tub? Is anyone getting in trouble there by the sex police? is it practical to setup a gang bang there for others to watch, vs going back to the room? i think someone said there is a bowl of condoms. i good idea might be to have a chalk board to advertise your gangbang time "Ex: Paula Anal Gang Bang 4-5pm today!" or whatever your "thing" is.

    i heard story of women getting lots of BBC. Are there any other stories to tell?

    i still have yet to see pictures posted anywhere

    I think this could be better than when they built the playroom - which is great too.

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    We were there last February. A couple was enjoying themselves, on one of the beds just down from the gym, only the 2 of them. They were having intercourse, the Woman was on riding the Man, and they were asked to stop.... We were a little surprised to see that they were interrupted, and it looked like they were too....
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    It is on the Hedo fb page. A little hut with 2 beds, towel and condoms. Sex Police do not go in there, it is private
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    If you’re referring to the little playroom by the nude hot tub, it’s awesome!! A king size and single mattress, sheets, towels, and condoms. We were there for hours and believe me, the sex police didn’t stop us!

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    We'll have to look for that next time, we didn't see that one. We saw and had sex out in public on the nude side at various times of the day and no one said anything, including the beach and the nude pool in the middle of afternoon. I think if you're on the nude side you're pretty safe. I suspect areas closer to the dining hall and main lobby area would be stricter as far as sex goes though we did see a couple having sex on one of the beds up there as well.

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    The playroom is in an obvious spot once you find it, but no one seems to know it’s there! It’s on the “front side” of the building with the washrooms...the door is near the corner of the building near the nude hot tub.

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