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Thread: Tom's Trips ? Anyone going with them?

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    Tom's Trips ? Anyone going with them?

    Just noticed that Tom's Trips has a group at H2 the same time we are going. Haven't been able to find out anything about the group. Does anyone know if they have special theme nights, or events. Signed up for their news letter but still in the dark about the 4th of July Events.

    Don't need all of the deep secrets, just like to know about the group that will be there, for possible future use.

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    We have been going with Tom's Trip's for yrs, for July 4th...they have pool games that they & greet in the piano bar...can win prizes, and free days...if you have any problems, they will help you out....a very nice group..I would recommend them

    Hedo Hugs
    Linda & Rich

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    Thanks, we may wish we had booked with a group.. We will know for next time.

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    We have traveled with Toms trips many times, you will find most groups are very inclusive and will welcome you with open arms. Sometimes they will have gatherings just for group members however most events during the day are for all.

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