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Thread: The Epic April 2018 Playful Pussycats Catamaran Cruise

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    The Epic April 2018 Playful Pussycats Catamaran Cruise

    One of the Pussycats just sent me a fantastic review of her experience on the Playful Pussycat's Kitty Kruise from this past April. Everyone on board that day had an absolute blast.

    A tale of some fine ass tails that sailed the seductive seas!

    We've done catamaran cruises on most of our trips to Hedo and loved how the whole boat and crew was devoted entirely to our group. The catamaran is large, and very stable (as catamarans are) with a covered area in the center and a bar and music. It's a pretty typical booze cruise experience except for a few things....first, it's sailing from Hedo so it's also a BOOBS cruise cause most of the ladies on board are topless and many are nude. And, it's also a BALLS cruise cause many of the guys are nude as well! And it's a bit of a PIRATE cruise cause of the interaction with folks both on shore and on other boats! And it's a CAVE cruise cause we go to a really neat cave underneath some cliffs where you can swim through, it's the same spot that a James Bond movie was filmed many years ago! But best of all it's a Playful Pussycats cruise full of our tried and true friends from the last three years plus new playful purring friends which adds to the fun cause it's always so neat to experience the vibe through the reactions and energy of the nudie newbies!

    The catamaran pulled right up to the beach at Hedo and we boarded with minimal fuss via stairs that are lowered right down to the sand. We were ready to hit the open water and cool off after standing on the dock for our photo shoot. You can book a catamaran cruise anytime you are staying at Hedo by going to the excursion desk in the lobby, they run a few a week I believe. If your group has arranged an exclusive one than you will get the details from them but you still book it and pay for it through the excursion desk (I love just saying "charge it to the room" and dealing with it later!). You do have to hang on to the voucher they give you and turn it in when you are boarding. WORTH IT!

    Once we boarded the crew introduced themselves, we got a brief safety talk about the location of life vests and bathrooms then we were off! Music was playing, rum punch and shots were being poured (I typically stick with vodka, they had limited items in addition to rum so I was able to continue my vodka streak for the week) and we were ready to go! Dave grabbed a spot in the shade in the center of the boat and we re-applied sunscreen while chatting with the folks around us as the boat set out. Before long the music got hold of us and we were dancing, putting the poles on either side of the center area to great use!

    The first stop on the cruise was a reef where folks could go snorkeling. They had full face snorkeling masks and tied life vests around your waist so that you can literally just bob in the water and enjoy the underwater scenery regardless of your individual swimming ability or energy level at that moment! Don't argue about the life vests, it's relaxing and comfy and most likely you've been drinking so just go with it! I actually didn't snorkel on this trip, I knew I'd be getting in the water at the next stop so I took the time to move up to the bow (my favorite spot on a catamaran) and visit with others who weren't swimming. As folks got back on board things definitely started to ramp up in terms of energy level with everyone refreshed and energized by the swim.

    As the catamaran got underway again the dancing ramped up in a big way up on the bow (and everywhere!). Sunscreen was reapplied with many helping hands! Then Syringes full of jello shots started getting passed around along with canisters of whipped cream! Note for future trips, reapply sunscreen earlier so that sunscreen application doesn't directly precede the whipped cream and jello body shots! Or not.....probably just added a little coconut punch to the mix!

    One of my favorite parts of the catamaran cruises is the opportunity to interact with folks outside of hedonism on shore and on other boats. What can I say? I'm a newly minted stripper and an exhibitionist at heart! But it's also my deep desire to share the joy! I know that sounds trite but I mean it. Hedonism and the Playful Pussycats have changed my life and opened so many doors for me, many of them internal, and I want to share that opportunity with the world. I always hope that people on other boats or at other resorts along the shore, who probably are full of misconceptions about Hedo, might see us in our unbridled freedom and maybe, just maybe, have a moment of clarity, a moment where they think, wow, those people look so happy! And,, they look kinda like me and my friends! And they don't seem stuck up, or judgmental. Hey....there looks like there is a lot of love on that boat, and not just the lustful kind (, those two there are doing some things.....I wonder what my husband thinks? Maybe we should talk about it tonight.....).

    Maybe it's a pipe dream, and I know there are some who are closed up so tight they will only turn away in disgust, but I also know there have to be some who are curious.....who are on the edge of wonder about the possibilities of living sexy and free....who just need to know that it's OK to look past the edge of the limits they've obeyed their whole lives, to realize that those limits are illusory and largely self-imposed, and that daring to step beyond them can be the greatest gift they will ever give themselves and their partner. If I can be even the smallest part of a journey towards freedom for someone else then I am happy!

    And so, as we passed other boats sailing off the coast of Negril we hammed it up, dancing for them, waving to them, calling out greetings! We may have also requested that they flash us too (I mean why not?) and there may have been a few who complied. I must admit that I was getting pretty buzzed by this point! We pulled up to the caves and prepared to jump in the water, I've seen the caves several times but it's a tradition. There is something about swimming topless in the ocean in a beautiful setting that is just something that can't be done too often! As we were entering the water a HUGE power catamaran pulled up right at the entrance to the cave, almost blocking our access! The boat was at least 2 or 3 times bigger than ours (but wasn't a sailboat, it was really pretty ugly actually) and was full of clothed people, many of whom had their cameras out. I am blessed to be relatively free to live my life openly so I was not bothered but no one else seemed to be either, hell, we might have been the most exciting part of their vacation! I did the circuit of the caves, dodging the cliff jumpers above me. There are local boys and young men who wait for the boats to come up and then leap from the cliffs above the cave and ask for tips to do tricks.

    As we exited the caves the close proximity of the other boat and the stairs leading down to the water proved too tempting for four of the men in our group who surreptitiously, one by one, boarded the other vessel, fully nude. Three of them declared their presence from the top deck, strutted their stuff, and jumped back in the water but one had the audaciousness to go and get a beer from their bar first, whereupon the captain was alerted to the Pussycat Pirates aboard his vessel and chased our final pirate back into the water. I was tempted to have joined them and almost did but ultimately hung back and watched from the water, I am proud of our Pussycat Pirates though! The other occupants of the other vessel were apparently entertained rather than traumatized and so we were on our way with nary a shot fired in anger!

    A brief rainstorm sent some of us back under the shelter in the middle of the boat but having all those wet and mostly naked bodies crushed into that space just created a new dance party moment and the rain was forgotten by the time it blew over.

    As we returned home things heated up once again on the bow of the catamaran with everyone feeling emboldened and sexy by our exhibitionist exploits. The Captain obliged our collective kink mind by bringing the cat as close as he could to the swim ropes of the other resorts along Seven Mile Beach (although as we approached Beaches, the only family resort along the beach the crew did alert us so we could become modest again until we passed) whereupon we danced and played and shouted and accepted the mostly appreciative noises and applause from the shore. One lady even flashed us, much to the delight of her companions, whereupon we shouted that they should join us down the beach, on the kinky side, where we have cookies.

    As we approached our home beach I made my way to the very front of the bow, there is no freedom like riding the waves and facing the full ocean breeze with your breasts bared as you lean into the wind all Titanic like. One of my long time Pussycat Sisters joined me and we linked arms, sharing the moment and the joy as it danced all around us. Playful Pussycat, Bonnie BodaciousUntitled image (24).jpg
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    Awesome write up, sounds like a blast, thank you for sharing!
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