It might help to start with a bit about us. The point being that if you're reading this and considering your first trip to Hedo, I'll say if we can do it, chances are you can too!!

We're an early 30s couple that wanted to do something different for our anniversary. We have a young family so I think our current level of boring is fairly par for the course. But don't worry, we were super boring way before now. Long story short – you'd be hard pressed to overestimate how far outside the comfort zone this was for us on essentially every level.

Why'd we book Hedo? My wife loves laying out all day in the sun at a resort whereas I go a little stir crazy being stuck at a resort and don't care much for sunburns. So we compromised – she got the sunny resort and we both got the prospect of fun, friendly people to hang out with.

Getting Ready
We did lots of research on what to expect from the resort and the people. Not everything was good and generated some concern about what we were getting ourselves into. The reassurances we got from this forum went a long way to help. We also did a fair amount of learning/talking about the LS which was totally new territory. It's fair to say we differed on what we each wanted but we'd learned enough to get on the same page about what we would and wouldn't do if the right situation arose.

Another topic we had differing levels of comfort was actually getting naked. I was excited about the opportunity to overcome any nervousness about it; MsL (who, if I can try not to be biased, is incredibly fit and sexy) was concerned about what other people would think. She had read all over how non-judgemental Hedo is but all we could agree on before arrival was a “solid maybe at some point”.

We very much enjoyed shopping for theme night outfits and picked out some very sexy stuff for her. It seemed a little crazy to me that she was willing to wear pretty provocative stuff to dinner but had reservations about being naked. I certainly wasn't going to complain though.

Overall, it was an exciting, nervous, sexy buildup from the time we booked to arrival that we both really enjoyed.

We checked in and were quickly escorted to our upgraded nude ocean view room. After relaxing for a minute, we confirmed that there were indeed naked people all over the beach out our window :-) And just like that, MsL stripped down and we were headed out the door to join everyone. We took maybe 15 minutes on chairs at the beach before deciding we needed to make friends at the pool. Minutes later, we were meeting naked people and having a great time.

Daily routine
Awake too early (blame having little kids); kill a little time; breakfast buffet; fitness center; nude beach; lunch buffet; Facetime the family (careful about what's in the background – we had a big picture of a topless lady in a canoe above the headboard, haha); nude pool; dinner buffet; and finally, whatever was going on that night. We tried the disco, piano bar, nude pool/hot tub, and late night nude grill pizzas. Thanks to the forum members that helped explain the daily flow to us The daily details are pretty well documented in more interesting trip reports so we'll take a different tact on things that, for us total newbies, were unexpected.

  • It's impossible to convey how friendly everyone is. Endless new friends at the pool, people say hi walking by, you can always find a group to join for meals, etc.
  • Because of how quickly we got to know all these friendly people, it became a bit of a roller coaster ride going from goodbyes with friends departing each morning to meeting new friends later in the day
  • It took absurdly little time to go from feeling awkward naked to ridiculously normal – in fact, MsL twice answered our door naked without even checking who was there first. I asked her to please not do that back home
  • I found it amusing when I'd notice sexy naked ladies at the pool in the afternoon and would catch myself wondering if we'd meet up at dinner to see them with even sexier clothes on
  • The great service, without feeling the need to tip everyone for everything, made for a refreshing resort experience for us. Plus, I don't know where we would have kept cash while naked in the pool, haha
  • Beforehand, we thought Desire might be slightly more comfortable being couples only. The three single guys we chatted with couldn't have been nicer. At no point were they aggressive or did they make MsL feel uncomfortable.
  • No one having cell phones is wonderful. Not checking work emails at meals, people actually talking to one another – it's great

Sexy time
Honestly, there are way hotter stories already on here than anything we could report. That being said, we certainly took advantage of the charged atmosphere, were flattered at the interest other couples expressed in us, and might have expanded some of our LS boundaries at the glow party and perhaps afterwards in the playroom. You know who you are

Things to consider
  • We were very much on the younger end of the spectrum. We expected a generally older crowd but were surprised to find probably only a dozen couples or so within a decade of our age the week we were there. Please don't misunderstand though – there were tons of fun and friendly people from slightly younger than us up to well beyond our parents age
  • We had a couple odd experiences with staff during the day. One was a maintenance person selling drugs and the other was from the entertainment staff doing – well, I'm not sure where it was going. The former was easy to dismiss although the latter was slightly more aggressive. Not that we were really concerned at any point but it was not at all wanted/expected
  • There was a rather creepy, clothed, local guy alone that hung out on the nude side for most of a day. He had his phone out several times before eventually being asked to leave by security

We did Club Mobay arriving and departing. It was quite busy on arrival Saturday midday and we ended up waiting 20 minutes or so in the expedited immigration line – kind of disappointing to spend that kind of money and still have to wait. Either way, I'd do it again to not be stuck in what looked to be an hours' long line otherwise. We essentially skipped the club since our transfer was already waiting. Departing on Wednesday midday, there was no time savings compared to the regular line. It was nice to have the lounge with drinks/snacks but we wouldn't have spent $60 in the airport for lunch . I'd probably not do it departing next time.

We went with Joe Cool Taxi private transfers and would highly recommend them. Friendly drivers, quick but not crazy (by Caribbean standards anyway), and reasonably priced. It's the same price for 1-4 passengers so any future friends out there that want to split the cost next time...

The trip was an amazing experience for us and I can't say enough good things about the people and the resort. I had a smile all day at work my first day back, imagining to myself what my coworkers would be thinking if they only knew...haha. On our trip home, we agreed that we'd love to do a trip like this again although the logistics would probably mean we'd have a while to wait. We also discussed trying Desire next. Nothing against our experience at Hedo but travel to Cancun is a bit easier for us and we generally like seeing new places on vacation. Afterwards, we could make an informed decision for ourselves which we liked best.

P.S. This took long enough to write that MsL was already messaging some of our new friends who we talked about seeing again someday. It turns out they've already booked their next trip to Hedo and after reading the ladies' flirty conversation, maybe we'll be back sooner than I thought...