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Thread: CapnMorgan & Herladyship with KittenNAngel April 8–15 2018

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    CapnMorgan & Herladyship with KittenNAngel April 8–15 2018

    This was our 9th trip to Hedo and 3rd with the Kitten and Angel group. Before I get into the actual report I have to give a massive shout-out to Fred, Patti, Paul and Joan for the exquisite planning that goes into each trip they host. The logistics in organizing this group is staggering. The costumes they wear set the bar exceptionally high for the rest of the group…and they dress for every theme!

    This trip for us was a little different as our friends S&C from Western New York travelled with us with K&A. We first met them on our January trip in 2012 and we have been friends ever since, meeting up at Hedo for several years and also visiting back and forth at home.

    Getting There
    Our trip started out on Saturday night with S&C staying at our place and up on Sunday morning at 4 to get our 9:15 a.m. flight out of Toronto. Everything was on time and we landed at MBJ 20 minutes early at exactly noon.

    From time of touchdown on the runway to stepping off the bus at Hedo was 2 hours and 45 minutes, which seemed a little long, however, there was a slowdown (about 10 minutes) at Sandy Bay for a police check (we were waved through) and a washroom/beer stop for about 15 minutes. There were about 10 people on the bus, 8 of which got off at Hedo.

    Check In
    Check in was fairly smooth and we were assigned to a GVP room, but on the second floor. When we booked I had requested a ground floor room due to a mobility issue. Herladyship had a knee replacement about a year ago and it still bothered her at times especially stairs. I explained to the desk clerk that we had requested ground floor, so she went back to the computer and started searching. After about 10 minutes she called me over and explained that she would have to put us in a ground floor room…on the nude side, ocean view, YES, we were upgraded! We we're assigned room 2110, if they call this ocean view it would be a complete exaggeration, we had a great view of the back of the Flame restaurant and the watersports building, barely a glimpse of the ocean. The room had yet to be upgraded with one notable exception…they had taken the large bathroom door and cut it in half lengthways and made it into a bi-fold door that opened outwards. It seemed comical at first but it actually worked much better than the previous big honkin' door that swung inwards! We had stayed in the general location before and were not unduly concerned with the view…location, location!

    As usual Herladyship insisted on unpacking and putting things away in their proper place. I, on the other hand quickly emptied my suitcase and put things, well, wherever. Soon we were off to the nude pool to get a drink and check out the heated pool, which was wonderful, no "getting used to it" (in the past I have seen grown mean scream like a little girl when getting into the cold water lol).

    The First Evening
    After some time in the pool we went back to the room to freshen up and then headed off to dinner and meet up with Brian&Terri, the K&A Group leaders and the rest of the group, some of whom we had met in past years. It was School Girl Night and one of my favourites. Herladyship decided she was not going to be the typical Catholic school girl but would be the public school girl. She wore short shorts, a tank top and white tennis shoes and stuck her cell phone in her back pocket…the influence for this was our 14 year old granddaughter who just started high school. Things went along well until about 9 o'clock when we "hit the wall", fatigue had overtaken us. I did not sleep the night before and she got about 3 hours. I estimate I was awake for about 36 hours…we would miss the K&A costume competition but we need sleep, we had the whole week ahead of us!

    I won't mention everything we did each day as it can get repetitive…Breakfast in the dining room, look for chairs, just hang out around the pool, lunch, pool, hot tub, etc.

    However, Monday was the K&A beach party, which is a great time to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and lounge on the beach and in the water on the prude side beach. There was also plenty of food and drink in case we became weak from hunger and thirst and accompanied by some great beach music supplied by our group leaders.

    In the evening was our meet and greet for K&A in the piano bar. Of course there were drinks and food and many door prizes. We did not win a prize but our turn was yet to come. The resort theme for the evening was Jamaican colours, but the alternate theme for K&A was Naughty Doctors and Nurses. I dressed in OR scrubs with goggle eyed glasses as Dr. Kindle the pussy doctor. Herladyship dressed in a cat suit complete with tail and a nurses' cap as the pussy nurse…our thinking "outside the box" paid off with an honourble mention at the K&A costume contest.

    A Good Sailor Never Pisses Into The Wind!
    Tuesday was the catamaran cruise with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. A surprising number of guests dressed as pirates for the theme, however, about 10 minutes after we cast off the costumes started to come off…it was very warm…however we were soon to cool off. Once we got just past Booby Cay the waves started to hit the port side of the catamaran and splash over those on that side so we all crowded midships, which was good as it was closer to the bar! We stopped to snorkel for about 20 minutes, not a lot of fish but some amazing coral formations. We then set off again for Half Moon Bay where we disembarked for more drinks and lunch. We were all given maps to a hidden pirate treasure. Normally I am pretty good at following a map but in this case me and my cohorts set off in entirely the wrong direction! The treasure was found and we then set off just as the torrential rains set in. The sail back was uneventful as the rain was so hard that you could not see the shore. However, our captain did a great job in navigating and brought all his naked, wet pirates safely back to shore.

    That evening was the Bare As You Dare Glow Party. We only participate in this minimally so did not enter the K&A costume contest on the pool deck. There were some amazingly creative entries complete with blinking LED lights, some of which would put a Christmas Tree to shame! After the K&A contest the Glow Party went into full swing with the pool deck being packed with glowing, writhing bodies.

    The Terrain of the Croquet Pitch Did Not Suit Our Game Strategy!
    Wednesday was what is now the Annual K&A Croquet Tournament with the theme (this is K&A, of course there has to be a theme) Under the Sea. For this Herladyship dressed as a mermaid and I was Davy Jones complete with a skull under my arm (his name is Roger). For the past 2 years we have traded partners with Brian&Terri, Herladyship and Brian team up and Terri and I are a team. Last year Brian and Herladyship (Toddy) won the tournament. However this year neither of our teams fared well…"the terrain of the croquet pitch did not suit our game strategy!" lol. The group leaders have two pitches set up with 12 players on each pitch, but this year there were more players than they could accommodate so next year there will be 3 pitches! We did not realize this was also involved a costume contest, but Toddy and I received an honourable mention for our costumes. The winners were dressed as King Neptune and a Mermaid, complete with homemade shell crowns…simply amazing!

    This evening was Fetish night and is one of my favourites. Toddy dressed for the event but I did not…who cares about me on this night! lol Her costume looked amazingly sexy on her but there was a small glitch…those mesh stockings just wouldn't stay up properly! We did not enter the costume contest but again the costumes for the K&A contest were well over the top!

    It's Not Over Until The Blonde Lady Sings
    Thursday is one of the best days in our estimation. It is the Toga Foam Party and of course the Kitten&Angel Group Dinner. The theme for the group dinner was the Hollywood Red Carpet Awards. Toddy dressed as Marilyn Monroe, complete with blonde wig, ( we found a local theatrical supplier who was selling out their stock) and I was the Red Carpet, about 4 yards of red material with a hole for my head and high heel foot prints on it (I wore out 2 Sharpie pens drawing them on lol). Everyone was photographed on the Red Carpet as they entered. After dinner Fred, one of our group leaders, asked Toddy if "Marilyn" would sing Happy Birthday to group member Steve, which she consented to do a la Marilyn Monroe style…and a great job she did! In true K&A style prizes were awarded and there were many great costumes from actresses, paparazzi, photographers, etc. The choices for first, second and third were definitely a daunting task for the group leaders! We did not win a prize for costumes, but wait a minute, "it's not over until the blonde lady sings"! We were awarded the People's Choice Award, thank you group members. When we were announced I went up to the front and rolled out my red carpet for "Marilyn" to walk on. Some people didn't know what I was until then as it was also toga night lol! When she came to the front she took the microphone and sang "Happy Anniversary" for Kitten and Angel's 10th Anniversary. This is largely out of character for her to sing in front of a large group of people but we would like to thank Mr. Jameson's Finest (Irish Whiskey) on ice for giving her the fortification she needed! During the dinner video clips were playing on a large background screen of past Oscar winning movies, which had most of us watching trying to name the movies. Outstanding job by Cop to produce this and we all received a copy in our "gift bags".

    There's A Time For Tears
    After the Red Carpet Awards the group proceeded down to the dock for the lantern ceremony. This is a very special event for K&A and each couple is given a Chinese lantern to light and send into the sky in memory of someone they lost. Earlier in the day Fred spoke about a member who passed away this year, Dicksinglecruiser…a K&A member and also a member of Adult Travel Forum. That afternoon Fred was not sure he could do a eulogy to Dick as it was very emotional for him. However, when the time came, trouper that he is, he choked back his own emotions and made eulogy to Dick and then released the first lantern in tribute. We had also suffered a devastating loss this year with the sudden passing of a brother-in-law who was only 58. Of course our lantern went up for him this year. As the lanterns filled the sky the emotions around the dock area were palpable and group leaders went around giving out consoling hugs….thank you!

    Slippery When Wet
    Tonight was also the foam party which again is one of our highlights. The foam was awesome, over our heads and very slippery. when we got out there was nowhere that we could see to rinse off. The small pool beside the Disco was closed off and that was our usual spot. We walked a ways down the path looking like Abominable Snowmen covered in foam until we found a small pool where we could rinse off. Not sure if we were supposed to do that but we were really slippery!

    Where TF is the Romping Room?
    This was our 9th trip to Hedo and we had never been to the Play Room, about the only place on the resort we had not been to. OK, we'll go for experiment sake. We finally found it (essentially behind the boutique) after receiving some conflicting directions. The guy at the door (who did not seem to relish his job) said you have to be nude to go in…no problem, we do that all day. Upon entering there were a few couples "doing their thing" on some beds while we decided to go into the pool and relax. Chlorine can take it's toll and we were unprepared if you know what I am hinting at, so after about 15 minutes we decided to go back to our room. On the way out we heard a scream from a side room, being a trained first-aider, I thought my services might be required…however, they were not, all three of the people in there were very happy and i was "surplus to requirements".

    Don't Hit Me In The Head!
    Friday at 1:00 was the annual K&A volleyball game in the main pool. I usually play in this while Herladyship lounges with Terri. However, this year I had suffered a retinal detachment and I now have to avoid any trauma to the head…it is too easy to be hit by a spiked ball or a flying boob! I managed to sit around the pool with Toddy, Terri and Kitten, retrieve a few balls from the deep end and watch the storm clouds roll in. Cop and the EC's organized the game while Fred and Patti (who are always at the game) were busy trying to print out the photos taken at the Red Carpets Awards…this took them all day and their efforts are deeply appreciated!

    Friday is Rock Star Night and Winston and company did an amazing show…by far the best entertainment of the week!
    At the costume contest for K&A our group did not disappoint once again…amazing costumes. The group leaders went all out as usual and dressed as the rock band Kiss. How the hell they manage to bring all those costumes with them and spend hours doing makeup is astounding!

    I Now Really Like Water Aerobics
    Most late mornings there is usually a water aerobics class in the nude pool. Herladyship usually attends but today she said her knee was sore and would rather stay in the lounger and read for a while. I tried water aerobics a couple of times at home but really did not like it, I'm more of a gym guy. Anyway, I thought I would just hang out in the nude pool and relax while the class was going on. About two thirds of the way through the class the instructor told the glass to pair up. She then came over to me as asked if I would partner up with this lady who did not have a partner. What am I getting into? The first exercise was for me to pick up this naked lady and carry her across the pool, then I was to put her down and she was to chase me across the pool and try to tag me. Then she had to pick me up (poor girl), carry me across the pool and then I was to chase her and tag her. This went on for a couple repetitions and then I was to drag her across the pool and she chase me and vice versa for a few more reptitions. After the class the instructor came up to me and thanked me for helping out…hell yes…I am now a big fan of water aerobics!

    See You Next Year
    Saturday is a big turnover day and it was time to bid farewell to many group members. We made it in time to say farewell to our Croquet partners Brian&Terri and hope to see 'y'all' next year. By the afternoon the K&A Group had thinned out considerably with only about a dozen K&A mugs in the pool.
    The evening is of course hats and heels which is very easy…I think they do this theme to keep it simple as it is a first evening for many people

    Sunday Farewell
    Sunday was our last day as well with the remnants of the group. During breakfast couples peeled off with hugs and farewells to catch their respective busses. Ours was at 2 and we had the usual trip back to Mobay, this time accompanied by lots of rain once we passed Lucea. On arrival at the airport our bus driver reminded us that it was OK to tip, it would be "no problem" (most of us on the bus were from Hedo and I think he felt we needed reminding lol). Our flight to Toronto was delayed by an hour due to bad weather in Toronto, had our usual farewell to Jamaica drinks at Margaritaville. Our flight was only a half hour late getting into Toronto but we had to wait for staff to put the jetway out as the airport was very busy with delayed flights. The weather in Toronto was frigid and cars parked in the outdoor parking were covered in snow and ice…Hello Mother Nature, it's April! Driving rain and wind on the drive home and in bed by 3:30 a.m. after a nightcap with S&C. Woke up at 9:30 in the morning…what the hell just happened!

    General Impressions...

    There were lots of beach loungers available and I suspect the resort was not full. I don't even take a beach lounger as I rarely sit in it, some days she does not even use one unless she wants to read.
    The heated nude pool is a great improvement and we used it many times at night, good alternative to the hot tub.
    The have also expanded the roof overhang on the beach side of the nude pool bar, great protection from the sun or rain.

    The food was very good in the Main Dining Room, Flame Beach Restaurant and the Nude Grill. We did eat at Pastafari one night, the food was served luke warm but still not bad. Lobster was out of season but there was plenty of shrimp served multiple ways.

    We noticed more staff at the nude grill…there were actually 3-4 people working there and you did not have to wait a long time to get your order as happened in the past, when sometimes only one person was working. The nude pool bar also had plenty of staff and wait times were very short as opposed to the past.

    Pet Peeves
    The inconsistent consistency of Security. I am a person who believes that rules are there for a reason and should apply to everyone. The last night we were there we went in the hot tub. While we were in there I noticed a single guy sitting by the stairway and wearing a large pair of shorts with his feet stretched out to the bottom of the stairs. For some reason my creep meter started to rise. As we were getting out I accidentally nudged his foot which was at the bottom of the stairs and he moved it. In the past we went down for pizza at 1 a.m. and were told by security it was the nude side and we had to be nude…really, no one else was there, we have also seen others told in the past before they even got to their chairs. With this in mind, rather than confront the shorts guy I thought I would tell security. I went over to where they keep the towels to look for a guard, I found one huddled in the small shack that is there with a towel wrapped around her. I asked if she was security as I could not see the uniform and yes she was. I told her about the guy in the hot tub and that rules are rules and should be enforced. I accompanied her back to the hot tub just to see what would happen, at this point I was just being stubborn. She looked at the guy and rather than tell him, she said I have to call someone. WTF??? She got on the phone and about 10 minutes later another security person showed up and told the man he had to loose the shorts, which he did but played innocent as if he didn't know.

    At this point I will refer to Brian&Terri's Trip Report thread in regards to the rope tying that went on every night in the dining room. We were with them and felt exactly the same way as they did.

    The only thing we regret was not getting to meet all the people with the Kitten and Angel Group. However, there were 104 members there and remembering everyone's name is a daunting task. This was a record high number of members for the group and each group event set new attendance records.
    Thank you Fred, Patti, Paul and Joan for another fun-filled vacation with K&A.

    Special Note: Herladyship likes this group so much that I did not even have to submit to an extensive job list for when we returned home!

    Respectfully submitted,

    John and Toddy
    (a.k.a. CapnMorgan and Herladyship)

    St. Martin, FWI, 1991-2011
    Hedonism II -January 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (x2), 2017
    Cayo Largo, Cuba, December 1-7, 2014
    Hedonism II - April 10-17, 2016 Kitten and Angel's Spring Fling
    Hedonism II - April 16-23, 2017 Kitten and Angel's Spring Fling
    Hedonism II - April 8-15, 2018 K&A Spring Fling
    Hedo 2 April 14-21, 2019 K&A Spring Fling

    "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done" - Thomas Jefferson

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    What luck!!! I get to read your trip report while waiting in my car to pick up our daughter at school. I always enjoy your reports and meeting you both each year. It’s so nice to relive such a great week. Thanks for the report.


    75 more days!!!

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    Great trip report! Kitten & Angel group sounds like a lot of fun, a good group of people, and many well organized activities. Enjoyed reading about your journey and holiday. Thanks!
    Returning to HEDO sometime in 2019

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    Awesome report. Makes me wish I could go again this year.

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    Thanks for the great report and we can't wait to get back and experience the Hedo fever in two weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NakedD&D View Post
    Thanks for the great report and we can't wait to get back and experience the Hedo fever in two weeks.
    Enjoy the anticipation of your trip. You know that once you get there time can move really fast!

    St. Martin, FWI, 1991-2011
    Hedonism II -January 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (x2), 2017
    Cayo Largo, Cuba, December 1-7, 2014
    Hedonism II - April 10-17, 2016 Kitten and Angel's Spring Fling
    Hedonism II - April 16-23, 2017 Kitten and Angel's Spring Fling
    Hedonism II - April 8-15, 2018 K&A Spring Fling
    Hedo 2 April 14-21, 2019 K&A Spring Fling

    "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done" - Thomas Jefferson

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    Thanks for this great recap of your trip !
    Brings back memories and counting the weeks to go back .

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