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Thread: Halloween @ HBR!

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    Halloween @ HBR!

    We are headed back in Oct for two weeks! Anyone else going for Halloween! Counting the days already! Love me some HBR

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    Hi guys good morning how are you ! Hope both are doing wonderful and excited for your coming trip to the resort.
    My name is Claudia ( probably you have heard about me on this forum ). And I would love to invite to spend a super lovely deliciuously morning during your stay and book an appointment for my workshop and couples sensuous, holistic, tantric massage.
    During this month of October I will have a special discount of $30usd.
    The cost of the therapy will be $220 for couple. The session last three hours in between both of you.
    The whole therapy is very loving , peaceful, sensuous and healing ! What we are gonna do during your session won't stay here at all ! This is something that you will be able to take back home with you and keep working on each other to keep the flame of your love alive , and return back home BREATHING IN A COMPLET NEW YOU !
    My studio it's in Puerto Morelos area , I am 45 minutes away from your resort but believe me ...will be worth it the trip !!
    If you want to book your appointment please write me back to my personal e-mail
    Send me the dates of your trip and I would love to get back with you suggesting you days and times open for you to choose.
    Any questions or doubts feel free and write me back and I would love to get back with you as soon as possible.
    Celebrating anything special or just because you want to surprise your honey? I'm sure this will be an awesome way to start your trip and beautiful gift for both of you.
    I work from Monday's till Saturday's only one session a day ( 11.00am or 12.00pm ).
    Looking forward to hear from you and the pleasure to meet you soon !

    Claudia Gabucio Terrazas

    cel 9982 252568 ( WORK )

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    We will be there as well. Oct 27th to Nov 3rd.

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