The only way we could describe our stay at Hedo II is that it is like all-day/night foreplay for us! We are nudists, and love the nude beaches and resorts. We are not in the lifestyle. This resort is sexually charged all day and all night! The staff is amazing, the facilities clean and well kept, the rooms are more than adequate for what they are used for (showering and sleeping), and the food is super!
We were Hedo virgins and apprehensive about our stay at first. Friends suggested we try it, and it took about 5 minutes for us to "totally get" why this place is so popular. Daytimes at the nude beach where it is so big, you never felt crowded. The sand and ocean are awesome! Drink service readily available - you never have to leave your chair! We didn't spend much time at the pool, but it looked like a fun event filled place during the day. Nightly entertainment was excellent and exotic...dancing was a blast!
The piano bar is hit and miss, depending on the groups and the night. Karaoke one night (not our thing) but another night with dancers and a show on the piano!
We walked 7 mile beach every morning for an hour or two, which was so beautiful and relaxing. Security very good at the resort...never a concern.
We had grilled lobster poolside one night - amazing. Another night at the Italian place - delicious and great service! Also did the Japanese Grill - O'Shane is the greatest chef! Great show and great food.
All of the staff were superb - always friendly and accommodating.
We stayed prude beachfront - nice quiet location. Would have loved to have had a balcony, but this is a minor complaint.
We were usually up each morning at 7:30 am for coffee and a couple hour walk on 7 mile beach. Then breakfast at the buffet (delicious, clean and a wide variety),and on the beach by 11 am. Back to the rooms by 5:30 for a short nap then shower and dress sexy for the theme nights. Dinner, then the entertainment, then dancing, the playroom or a hottub. Every night it was 2:00 am before we got back to our rooms.....and that wasn't to go to sleep!
This will likely be one of our annual destinations.....already booked for next year!
For those hesitant to try this resort, don't hesitate. It is whatever you want it to be. We would agree with previous posts that have stated about one third who stay are nudists, one third are "dabblers" looking to explore for a week, and one third are actively in the lifestyle. We met the most fantastic people from all groups. For us it was all day long foreplay.....very sexually charged and it enhanced our already fantastic sex life.