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    Restaurant Dress

    I have a question about the dress rules at the Desire RM restaurants. We are familiar with the way Hedo does it... my wife loves to dress up and I will put on my white linen beach pants with a semi-dress shirt (like a polo) and a good pair of sandals. Is it more strict at DRM? Are they going to turn me away if I don't have business dress slacks and leather dress shoes?

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    Not at all, sounds like you got it down. We have been to both several times and they are very similar in the way you wold dress for dinner and theme nights

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    The management does ask that men wear closed toe shoes and long pants in the Sahlo and Suki Restaurants. These are the 2 more elegant restaurants. I've seen men leave to change shoes for Sahlo, Suki is more relaxed of the two and I have worn sandals there and got away with it. Polo's are absolutely fine as well. Women get away with pretty much anything sexy as long as they are covered in Sahlo, Suki. Arrecife, which is the buffet restaurant is open to shorts, sandals and t-shirts for breakfast and dinner. Tentazione (lunch restaurant) requires cover-up for everyone while in the area due to health standards in place. Lobby Bar requires you be covered because its right next to the front desk. I hope this helps you.

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    You don't have to go crazy, but I will say I think people do tend to dress nicer at Desire to eat than they do at Hedo. At Hedo, Hedo Rick seems to wear a brief at many meals. I don't recall anyone wearing anything quite as informal.

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