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Thread: Bliss Cruise April 2019

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    Bliss Cruise April 2019

    We would like to get some conversation started to pre-meet and take the next 12 months to make this a great ride. Itís always been better when you find some fun people ahead of time

    Anyone know of a good site or forum? We are on SLS, FET and here. Not much has started yet but it will get close very quickly.
    Bill and Sheryl, nething4fun2004 on SLS
    Have been to Hedo and desire a few times
    Couples cruise April 2016

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    We just booked this cruise. We usually go to Hedo so this will be our first Bliss cruise. If you find out, we'd like to know too. See you there.

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    April 8-16 seems like a long time

    SLS screen name is fishing4fun434. We are scheduled to cruise on LS cruise April 8-16 2019. WE want to meet others for fun chat and anticipation of fun times during trip.

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    Hello, Jan&Bill here. This is our first cruise and anticipating meeting other open minded fun people and chat for getting to know each other before push off.

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