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Thread: Individual booking our book in a group for first timers

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    Individual booking our book in a group for first timers

    Hey everyone, we have a question we'd like to put to the group. We've decided next year that we will be going to H2 for the first time.

    So we were wondering, as first timers would folks recommend picking one of the groups like YSW or Wild Women? Or would we be better off getting our feet wet on just our own separate trip? We just want to avoid being overwhelmed, especially the husband (he's not a social butterfly at all)

    Short background: We are a early to mid 30's couple. Not in the lifestyle, just a couple with some kinks.

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    Two or three (or more) threads on EXACTLY the same topic, answered in full (and then some). Just look at the list of topics under FORUM. All your concerns are answered. And the answer is YES

    Hedo May 1 - May 8, 2018

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    Hi there…. a great question and I'd suggest you check in the events section of the main Hedonism resort website where you will find available groups listed by month and week and find a compatible group to meet your needs an wants.

    My no drama, no hassle, no obligation group is listed for 2018 here and will be updated for 2019 after the Krewe's return in late June:

    There are several advantages to booking with a group–not the least of which is a possible significant cost savings.

    Just some considerations as I get asked this quite often about my annual group trip to Hedonism II every June.

    Groups will most often have the best rates for the timeframe you seek and likely allow for you to extend the group rate both before and after the groups’ main dates at the resort provided you spend a bulk of your days within the group week.

    Groups usually offer a special meet and greet at the beginning of the group week

    Groups often have a goodie bag for their members which might include any number of small, useful items for your stay at Hedo or something to take home to remember your trip there.

    Groups offer a kind of "security blanket" for newbies or people that are more shy by always providing guests that the newbie can learn from, ask questions, or just carry on conversations, etc.

    Groups sometimes have special events or activities that provide guests opportunities that may not be offered to other non-group member guests.

    Groups can sometimes make reservations for speciality events or activities

    Groups can charter a nude cruise from the resort

    Groups provide recognition by both Hedo staff and other guests

    Groups allow guests to be followers and not leaders or having to make decisions especially in new situations

    Groups can offer more assistance should you encounter a problem or issue

    Group members often watch out for other group members should a guest have too much to drink, too much sun, or just too much whatever

    Groups provide an avenue of support and casual interaction and often lead to friendships outside of Hedo.

    Groups allow for friendly conversation, sharing experiences, sharing memories, having friendship/camaraderie, laughing with someone, or simply eating with someone you might know or want to know

    Cons for groups?

    There are very few cons that I could think of based on my experience organizing my group the past 13 years and speaking with group leaders and members during my previous 13 trips to Hedo.

    One possible negative would be any pressure to participate in group activities (they should always be voluntary because the guest is always the guest and it is THEIR vacation/holiday time although this seems to be an exception rather than the rule.

    I am not aware of membership fees (although I jokingly tell my group members they must "buy" me a glass of champagne at Hedo…lol).

    To inquire or join a group, simply contact the group leader via email, website, etc. and ask any questions you might have. Then you would be more able to determine either compatbiliity with your wants/needs or indicate possible conflict.

    Anyway, I hope this helps a little. Ann, The Travel Slut

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