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Thread: Sweet N Low

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    Sweet N Low

    Does the resort have Sweet N Low? Trying to decide if we have to bring some or not. Thanks!

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    They have some artificial sweeteners. I forget what one. I would recommend bringing your own. They actually make a liquid form in a small squeeze bottle that hold up well when traveling.

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    Wife says she believes they have sweet n low as well as Splenda.
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    Yup, they have pink, blue and yellow sweetener packets.

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    Yes, like magjoy said, pink yellow and blue.... if they run out on the shelf by the coffee station there's always a shit ton of extra ones in the right side drawer under the coffee pots in the dining hall
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    When we were there in January - they only had Splenda available as a sugar substitute (even after asking the staff). So if Sweet n Low is a 'must-have' necessity for her, I might bring a small supply just so she isn't disappointed....I'd hate for that to be the cause of a bad trip!
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