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Thread: Room upgrade for free?

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    Room upgrade for free?

    So we've been to Hedonism II six times before but it's sadly been a couple years since our last visit. We always book Garden view Prude to keep the cost low. However we've been surprised at check in about half of those trips by being placed in a better room... beach view or nude side garden. I honestly do not know if this was because of the group we were traveling with (always a different group) or if this was because the resort wasn't at capacity. I imagine it might be easier for staff if they keep some blocks completely empty and try to centralize their guests into select locations around the resort. That's just my guess though. Anyway the week we are going this year (June 1st) seems to be a pretty slow time from what I can tell. Anyway wondering if anyone out there has experienced a room upgrade and knows why this happened? We should have asked before but were just too excited to be back in Hedo that we wanted to hurry up and get nekkid.

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    we always book Garden view reg. and we have been up graded a couple of times but we don't want the up grade at all we book GVR for a the next time they up grade us we are going to tell them no can we get our GVR room please.... its where we likes to be....
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    The same for us, not all the time, but often we were upgraded for free.

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    If they upgrade it is for free. If you request the upgrade - there is always a charge. Same as anywhere. You may try upgrade me for free - if lucky, who knows!
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