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Thread: IT's your vacation

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    what, wait, what was in your mouth?
    A Playful Pussycat of course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayNSteph View Post
    This is a perfect thread! One of the reasons why we don't schedule a whole bunch of events for our group because we want people to naturally have fun, let things happen organically and do things at your own pace on your own time. It has worked well so far and we will continue doing just that. Make your vacation yours. xoxo
    Good points, we are going back in May our 21st trip, on some trips we seem to find ourselves into everything, always of the go, in the center of anything going on etc. other trips we find ourselves just soaking in the sun, enjoying the Jamaican culture and the overall vibe of Hedo, on those trips, we spend a lot of time to ourselves and actually enjoy the quietness and peacefulness. Either way, it is always the time of our lives, each trip somehow becomes our favorite trip, we never plan that in just kind of happens, looking forward to our next trip...and whatever it brings!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wackoo22 View Post
    when my late wife was a live we traveled to a lot of places but always felt hedo was the best place to go. when she got sick went back several times as it felt like home. I am going back at end of april for my 2nd trip alone and it will be fun as it always is people to talk to comfortable beds good food and plenty of scenery ya never know someday I may meet my new wife there
    I am sorry for the loss of your wife, but good on you for retuirning to Hedo.
    Dave and claire

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