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Thread: Feedback Please! Interested in lifestyle, is this place cheap & cheesy?

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    Feedback Please! Interested in lifestyle, is this place cheap & cheesy?

    Hi All,

    We are dabbling in the to watch, curious to play, love the sensuality of it all. We are a 51m & 48f attractive for our age but not Ken & Barbie love to party and meet new people is this the place for us? The reviews on Desire RM say how much fun everyone has...but the bad reviews are pretty bad. Bad food, bad music, small dated rooms, push for time share.

    We love the beach are regulars in Key West because of the music, food and weather. Does this compare?

    We are looking to spend a week in July.

    Appreciate any feedback.

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    Hi guys, one word for you....GO!

    You will love it! The food is fine, not Ruth Chris's but not Golden Corral either.
    Rooms are nice, you can get a really nice room, but all the rooms are nice.
    It will ruin you for going to "vanilla" resorts!

    I think in the lifestyle we all want the best resorts at the cheapest prices and talk about the smallest problems when we get back. And we all end up forgetting the real reason we went is to connect even deeper with our partner. Desire and Hedo both do a great job with that! I would say better than anywhere.

    Hope this helps a little, give a report on how awesome it was when you get back.

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    Cheap and Cheesy are so relative and contextual that you will not know until you have been there. Be bold and go forward, the worse that can happen is you will enjoy the company of the great people, who will be there in July.
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