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Thread: Stay logged in longer?

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    Stay logged in longer?

    Is it possible to edit after how much time you're automatically logged out?

    I think you're automatically logged out after five minutes or so, but that's kind of short. When I'm typing a pm I take more time than that and am logged out. So when I want to submit the message I have to copy the text to keep it, log in again, copy the text and then submit it.
    Maybe it's a sign that I 'talk' too much, but it is kind of annoying to keep logging in again
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    MMM I don't seem to have that problem, however; a work around solution would be to write your PM message on notepad or wordpad (some simple message program on your computer) then copy paste ...that way you can complete you message all in one go, then log in and copy paste once rather than multiple times.
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    We have the same problem. We were told it was our overly aggresive security on our laptop.
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