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Thread: Cap d'Agde

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    Cap d'Agde

    Hi All-

    We (late 30s couple) are going to be in Cap d'Agde for a few days in late August. We are having a hard time finding out details and choosing where we want to stay. We are not swingers, but we like being around the action and also putting on a show for others to watch.

    We are looking at maybe staying at Hotel Eve or Port Soleil. Obviously the pools at both of these places are nude, but are guests allowed to be sexual in the pool areas? We would like to be able to be free to do whatever we want in the pool area during the day.

    Other than clubs and the foam parties, what parts of the village are acceptable for sexual activities? Most websites I have seen are pretty vague.

    Any help would be great because we want to make sure we are completely prepared for this adventure. Thanks!

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    No problem at Jardin d'Eden or Ozin'n. Jardin d'Eden first choice !
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    We are going back to Cap d'Adge in July, our second trip. We booked a condo via the A&DJAMES AGENCY , They do bookings for odd days not just the standard week long reservations. The pool at Jardin d'Eden was amazing last time, went to the pool party and no issues with putting on a show for others there.
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