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Thread: Hedo vs Desire

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    Hedo vs Desire

    We have been to Hedo twice, with no complaints. Most of our time is spent at the beach or nude pool. I love to dance, I like the music at the pools and disco. The PDA that is at Hedo is something we enjoy. We like to watch and be watched. We are open to the lifestyle, but have only occasionally participated. We like the privacy of the beach at Hedo. No worries about kids or others with cameras. We are thinking about trying Desire Resort or Desire Pearl and Spa this March. Looking for suggestions on this. Will we be disappointed with the atmosphere and what we can do and see? We are in our 40's. The average age at Desire? All opinions would be appreciated. I don't need convincing to go to Hedo, just wondering if we would enjoy Mexico.
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    we went to Pearl first time last Feb. great friendly resort, smaller than Desire, nice pools and big hot tub, great night life and shows at the disco, theme nights are the best, brings out the real yous if you know what I mean, lots of affection in the hot tub and during the Sat. foam party too, we will return for sure

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    What are the beaches like at the Desire Resorts ? We like to snorkel nude. We liked Hedo but the rooms were very disappointing. I KNOW I don't go to Hedo for the room BUT we like to retire to a nice room after the party.

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    When was the last time you were in a Hedo room. All but about 20 have been fully renovated.
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    We're have the same question as you. Kind of, we've been to both of the Desire Resorts in Mexico. Went about 2 years ago in January during "International Swingers month". Now looking to try Hedo for the first time.

    As for Desire, both resort where very nice. Staff was great, Good food and drinks. Kind of laid back in the daytime, But the night get pretty exciting! It's an all couples resort, no singles! Crowd I would say was upper 30's to late 50's. Rooms where clean and comfortable. Beaches where so so, it didn't seem like many people went out to the beaches there. The beaches are not closed beaches so people can actually walk by if they choose to, but there are warning signs about nudity. Most people just hung around the pool and hot tub areas. FYI: We are a white marring couple in our late 40's early 50's

    We enjoyed it and are thinking about going back near the end of Feb.2018. Just wondering if we would like Hedo better or not?

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    We have been to Desire RM twice the last time being about 6 months ago it is very nice. We have also been to Hedo 11 times the last being about a week ago so we lean toward Hedo but think we can give a somewhat unbiased overview of the differences.

    Desire RM is very pretty and well maintained, Hedo is not as pretty on the outside but they are working on it and it is just as well maintained. Hedo is about 3 times the size of Desire so you can party or get away from the crowd, your choice.

    The food is a toss up, if anything Hedo takes the nod. The food at Hedo's Nude beach grill is as good as anywhere and the new steak house is good also.

    Bars, both have good bars. Both have high end liquor, we really like both but the beach bar at Desire is really nice! Desire would win by just a bit in the bar department.

    The rooms, we usually book normal ocean view rooms. The new rooms at Hedo are as nice or nicer than the rooms we had at Desire. That use to not be the case! The uber upgraded rooms at Desire are really nice but you pay for those and there are only a few of those, other than those few rooms the upgraded rooms and regular rooms are just as nice at Hedo.

    Hedo doesn't do the armbands. Desire does and they SUCK! If you are a newbie then you get a white armband, if you are not a newbie but didn't buy in then you get a black armband, if you bought in you get a Gold armband, if you really bought in you get a nicer Gold armband. That pretty well dictates the service you get a desire also!

    Speaking of buying in...Desire has this sales pitch where they want you to "buy in" and they hound you about going. It's like a time share and I am sure it can be a valuable thing. It starts out in the Tens of Thousands and goes up to whatever. It's a pretty high pressure thing as you have only a few minutes to commit to get the best deals. We aren't a fan of that, but a lot of people buy in and good for them. SO if you like this awesome, just letting you know you will get an hour sales pitch during your vacation and your credit card may have a nice purchase on it. The upside is IF you did do this then you kinda have to go on a sexy vacation's already paid for!

    Service....see above for Desire. At Hedo everyone is the same and they have came so far in the last few years service is excellent. Now that being said, Desires service wasn't horrible by any stretch, but if you had a black armband it was not the same as any other color.

    Daytime, a little wilder party at Hedo, but Desire is fun also, close to a toss up here.

    Nighttime, Desires disco is really cool....but there is really no where else to go. At Hedo the disco is OK but the piano bar is going on also along with the hot tub and nude pool. Not a huge difference.

    Dressing for the evening, Desire was kinda like Sandals on steroids. Yes, there was some beautiful ladies dressed very sexy. Hedo is in another league! You can wear as much or as little as you want and it is fine, Hedo definitely takes the nod in this.

    End result, years ago Hedo was in such bad shape that we tried Desire and we liked it. Now Hedo has really came around since Harry took over, the rooms are even the pools, the food, service all on the same level.

    I really can't say one is super better than the other, I can say this, we may go to Desire this year, next year or whenever but we will be back.
    Hedo, we just got back and have already booked for next year and are looking at a date later this year to go. Both are great places and both are very sexy!

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    The armbands must be something new since we went to Desire two years ago. That sucks! Hate that type of stuff. I'm thinking we are going to try Hedo latter this month, probably Feb.21-27

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    Quote Originally Posted by misbehaving View Post
    The armbands must be something new since we went to Desire two years ago. That sucks! Hate that type of stuff. I'm thinking we are going to try Hedo latter this month, probably Feb.21-27
    Yes its going the same way as Temptation, we have spent the last 6 years at Temptation and Desire RM, This year we are totally fed up of the arm bands and being treated as a second class citizen. We went to the New Temptations last October and it was worst than ever.

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    I have been to Hedo II and Desire Pearl
    They are both great resorts
    What I did not like about Pearl is
    No self service coffee. I did not like that I had to go to the lobby or get dressed and go into the dining room to be served coffee.
    Food is not available all the time. We had arrived at 4:30pm and there was no food options
    Dress code for the restaurants. They were not enforced consistently. I was dressed "nicer" than another guy, I got turned away but he got in
    No PDA's during the day and the only area allowed was at the hot tub.
    I did not care for how they made their drinks
    The sales pitch was a huge turn off. I never was at the resort before, so I do I know if I am going to like it.
    Before I went I was against tipping, but some of the workers really worked hard and I wound up tipping more than I thought I would. Still like Hedo no tipping policy better
    Disco was small and crowded. If you didn't hang out there after dinner there was nothing else to do.

    What I liked:
    Assigned pool chairs, I was able to get up late and still get a chair
    Food was very good
    Room was very nice
    Using a Orbitz promo code you can stay at Desire cheaper than Hedo now.
    Close to airport
    Foam party in the pool was great fun
    Couples only

    I prefer Hedo, it is fun, laid back and I love the Jamaican people.

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    Ohh assigned pool chairs, first I've heard of that lovely idea. Not being able to get a chair is one of my least favourite parts about all-inclusive's. I like sleeping in.

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