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Thread: Newbs going March 11-16

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    Newbs going March 11-16


    My wife and I are going to hedo for the first time March 11-16. Any advice for us?

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    Congrats on your decision to go! It's an incredible experience & you may find yourselves planning your next trip before your first one is even over. It might be helpful for everyone to assist with advice, if they knew a little something about in, is this your first trip to someplace like this? or why did you chose hedo?, what are you curious about? Or are you looking for more technical advice, such as what to pack? etc. we all love to talk about Hedo - there's just sooooo much we could say. In the meantime, there's lots of helpful info on these discussion boards. Enjoy the journey & the planning - and welcome to the club!
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    Congrats. We will be there as well, (March 9th-14th)... short trip but had to get one in before we plan our next one for Summer. This is our 5th time to Hedo. There is another thread here for March, put your dates there so you can start conversations with those going around your same dates. Share your lifestyle experience, ages, and what you are hoping to find. Whatever it is though, you will find it as it's a laid back go with the flow and pace kind of place. You like to watch, great... you like to be naked awesome, not sure.... it's ok too. You want to experiment, it's all good... want a place where everyone is super cool and respectful....this is it. Go with an open mind, discuss plenty of your expectations before your trip, participate in the themes, get out of your comfort zone, not that you have to but why not. You will have a great time. Our first time to Hedo was our first time taking our clothes off in public......we were taken to our room in the nude side and were nervous about what that meant as our glass door lead right to the nude beach. My wife stepped outside the glass doors as I was thanking the bell boy for bringing our luggage and when I stepped out to see her she was completely naked and walking to the beach talking to other guests. It's all been fun and adventure after that. 8 wks to go!

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