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Thread: Now here's a good topic. GF just got period

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    Now here's a good topic. GF just got period

    So we're going to Desire this weekend and GF just let me know she got her period today. Honestly doesn't really bother me a bit, it makes her horny and I have no qualms about doing whatever she likes. Does effect "costuming" and some other stuff though. Can't imagine this is the first time. Any thoughts, ideas, comments?

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    Hi - ahhhhh...I always dread that happening. We typically go to Hedo a couple times a year, and when we go it is normally for 10 days-2weeks. Inevitably, it'll happen occasionally. I was never super worried about costumes or theme nights - because with tampons, no one can tell because they are discreet. Where I was concerned was at the pool - where everyone is naked. Luckily, having previously lived in Las Vegas, I have some friends who are dancers that wear very skimpy costumes. So I borrowed advice from them. I now bring a small pair of scissors (or even a pair of nail scissors/nail clips if I'm in a pinch) and just cut the string really short. You can still grab it to remove it, but it rests 'inside' and isn't visible even when naked....and I have my husband on 'string check' alert when I get in and out of the pool, just in case...Lol.

    I have heard of other people using the diva cup or a softcup instead http:// because apparently you can even have sex while wearing them (especially the softcup) - however I've never been brave enough to try it for fear of leaking or spills. If she's had success with these types of feminine supplies before, then she will probably be super comfortable with it.

    Good luck! Hope this helps a little.
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