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Thread: Value, Clothing Optional but not swingers

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    Value, Clothing Optional but not swingers

    Pretty specific request and I think I've scoured the web looking for an option to this so I wanted to turn to you all to see if you have any other suggestions.

    Coming from Canada, looking for a value resort that is clothing optional, or nude beach adjacent. That doesn't have a sexual swing vibe like desire or hedo (all of which are fairly expensive).

    Intima in Tulum is pretty close to what I'm looking for but its not all-inclusive.
    Temptation would be pretty alright for her, but no nude options for me. Though I suppose I could man thong or gstring at the edge of the beach without troubling to many people.
    Sunsplash in Jamaica we went too quite a long time again and had a nude beach adjacent we might have to go back to.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This would have been an easy question a year ago before Club Orient and Saint Martin was severely damaged by Hurricane Irmait May take some time before Club Orient is rebuilt but my suggestion would be to follow the progress of the reconstruction and possibly consider a vacation to a nearby property that would be convenient to allow daily visits to one of the most spectacular nude beaches in the Caribbean

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    Good idea, thanks

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    To me, Hedonism fits the bill perfectly UNLESS you want to go somewhere that has NO swingers. Lots of people who to Hedo are swingers, but there are lots of people like my husband and I who are not. Hedo has a nude side and a clothing optional side- the clothing optional side is much quieter and might be just what you are looking for.

    There are many ways to get lower prices at Hedo, either by booking through a group, Hedonism's own monthly "Wild Wednesday" sales, or I understand some of my Canadian friends find package flight/hotel deals that are good as well.

    Just my two centers.

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    Check out Cayo Largo in Cuba, it’s an island south of the main Cuban island and known for nudism. We stayed at Sol Pelicano and there’s a nude beach right in front of the hotel, same thing at several other hotels on the island. The beaches are probably the most beautiful of anywhere we’ve ever been. It’s a little difficult to get to, AFAIK currently the only flights are from Montreal but well worth the effort. Most of the Canadian travel companies sell packages.

    Good info here:

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    Have you looked into Hidden Beach resort in mexico Its a non swing place and is nude also.... We have been going there for years and we love it.. Its all inclusive and the place is clean and the staff is wonderful.. There are a lot of Canadians there also so you should feel at home.... Let me know if you wanna go as we can get you a discount... email us here or at finallyfree24769 at Ya hoo Look at

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