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Thread: Planniing first trip

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    Planniing first trip

    We are planning a trip this spring, we are new to this lifestyle and want to ease in while still having a good time! We are both open minded and fun and very interested in meeting new people. If we arenít part of a travel group will it be hard to make new friends or should we just pick a date and go. We want to have a lot of fun but we can only stay a few days. Any feedback or practical experience from regular visitors would be appreciated we canít wait to make our first trip

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    You don't have to be part of a group to "fit in", most everyone is very welcoming.
    A good start is post your dates in here and you can find out who will be there at the same time.
    Try and plan on being there over the weekend, Friday night is a good night, good shows, extra special buffet with the "Grand Gala Buffet".
    But there is no bad time to go. If you can swing 5 days I would also suggest (though for sure not needed) joining a group.
    You can get a few extra activities sometimes and meet people ahead of time with most groups.
    But again, 100% not needed to meet great people and have an amazing time.
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    Well said Cop! We had a great time without a group and it was a great way to see what groups were about. We always felt like we "fit in" and many of the groups welcomed us to hang out with them, dinner and even participated in group contests. That was one way we found the Playful Pussycats! So I say just go.....hang out .....and talk to as many people as possible because, it all boils down to everyone is ultimately on the same team at Hedo.

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    We looked at joining a group, but decided against it in favor of booking the trip on our own. The main reason was that we could bundle our airfare through the resort and got a price we were happy with. We are going Feb 24-March 3. This is our first trip so we donít know what we will be missing or gaining.

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    We sometimes go with a group sometimes not, we don't really hang with anyone group once there just mingle so your not missing anything everyone is friendly...we will be down on the 1 mar so will see you thereM

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