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Thread: A few questions for Dec 15 & 16

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    A few questions for Dec 15 & 16

    Had a few questions. We will be attending Dec 15 to the 17th. I know the main pool isn't heated but the hot tubs and conversation pool are heated. Are the lower pools by the tiki bar and volleyball area (but not the big many pool) heated?

    There is an Aahz party that night, but it also looks like there is an after party? Is the Aahz after party the same as the Caliente after party? I had heard that at a certain time they announce that shuttle service will start to the after party. Will you miss this if you are in the conversation pool area?

    Since it will be cold would a good game plan be spend Friday in the conversation pool and Saturday at the nightclub and after party?


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    In case anyone else is looking for this info I'll answer myself:

    Conversation pool up top and hot tubs heated. Didn't check the lower pools.

    If you are a Caliente guest you get free access to the party. There was no announcement for the shuttle service to the after party and it would be easy to miss. However there was a good number of people gathering waiting for the shuttle service to start, it started at 1:30am on the dot.

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