Hi everybody ! Hope all of you are doing great and excited for your coming trip. For the new couples coming and the couples that have visited the resort before that would like to come and book an appointment for a couple sensual holistic tantric massage and workshop, I'm already booking your sessions for December and January 2018. If you want just write me back to my personal email massagebyclaudia1@yahoo.com and let me know the dates of your trip, that way I will give you options of days and times open for you to choose.

The therapy is a very LOVING,PEACEFUL,SENSUOUS and HEALLING massage. During the session you will be able to express love wich comes from the heart rather than the mind. Through your hands, you can touch each other to reach not only the physical person but also the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

This is a class on how to touch and it's about the energy behind the touch and how to touch your partner from that energy. Bringing in the energy of the sensual to the erotic. Learning how intention and your mind effects your touch , learning to be a better giver and receiver , deepen into your love and passion with your partner.

All this is to deepen into intimacy , be a better lover and fall deeper in love or back in love with your special one !

Let massage and touch be an important part of your trip. While you may need or want to learn some techniques,remember that it is the quality of your touch and time, the intention on how you touch each other, that will deeply soothe and revitalize your bodies, heighten your pleasure and sensual awareness, and bring you closer together.

The cost of the therapy...only 250 usd for both of you and the session last almost three hours in between both of you.
Any questions or doubts please feel free and write me back and I would love to get back with you as soon as possible !
My personal e-mail to book your session is massagebyclaudia1@yahoo.com

Celebrating any birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, Christmas ,New Year's or just because you want to surprise your honey, this can be an awesome and wonderful gift for both of you that you will be able to take back home with you and keep working on each other to keep the flame of your love alive !

Appointments open from Monday's till Saturday's only one session a day 11.00am or 12.00pm.
My personal email to book your appointments is massagebyclaudia1@yahoo.com

Looking forward to hear from you and the pleasure to see you very soon !
Send you all a huge hug and kiss with all my love Claudia.

Claudia Gabuccio Terrazas
cel 992 252568