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Thread: PlayfullPussycats Fall Fling 20 To 28 Oct / YSW was there also

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    PlayfullPussycats Fall Fling 20 To 28 Oct / YSW was there also

    First off what a week! This is our 3rd trip to Hedo and 2nd with the Pussycats and I must say that they do one hell of job!

    Age demographic was pretty evenly split up and actually much younger than I've ever seen hedo before. Both groups I would say were evenly split between 25 and 50. Just an estimate but I would assume the pussycats where the larger of the two groups! which really made it easy to party! Anybody that knows my wife and I knows that we pretty much spent most of the time the nude pool! If there was large groups elsewhere I wouldnt know! Food was top notch in fact one restaurant inproved greatly in my opinion Pastafari! Rooms are in continuous renovation and always seem to be getting much better!

    couple single male creepers one was removed buy security! I busted my feet up bad and lost most of the last evening!

    This statement does not go for the people who booked with YSW everyone that I had a conversation with was cool as the flip side of a pillow. But Two of their host I found as pompous asses who suffer from Napoleonic Complex!! and will never book through them because of this!

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    The pussycats are great... glad you had a good time. Thanks for writing a report.
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    Same experience with YSW. They have decent people in their group but their host can be compete douchbags. Super errogaint and egotistical.

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    So much good stuff to say about the cats! Great hosts for starters and then add a diverse bunch of crazy couples that no matter what happens it's going to be an awesome vacation. The wife and I have definitely found our group. ( Him)

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    Is it common to have people removed by security? Me and my partner like a good time but I don’t feel right about her being disrespected by unruly guest

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    that was the first time i had ever seen it. and my wife has never really had a issuse.

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