Hi everybody !!
For the new couples and the ones that have been here before , I would love to invite you to come to my workshop and to a super deliciuosly relaxing morning that you won't forget ! learning the Sacred Art of Touch and Tantric Massage to deepen your intimacy through communication , connection , breath and touch and embrace your sensuality together as beloveds.
Learn the art of Tantric Touch and Massage to pleasure your partner.
This is a sacred massage , one where presence, heart, sensuality , your own sexiness comes together with your passion and love and fires this massage into deeper union with your special one.
Without presence in our touch, our voice , our eyes, our hearts, there is nothing....so we will bring our whole being into the now , into our touch and be whole and one with oursleves and our beloved one !
Celebarting any birthday , anniversary , honeymoon or just because you want to spoil and surprise your honey , I'm sure this will be an awesome gift for both of you and something that you will be able to take back home with you to keep working on each other and to keep the flame of your love alive.!
To book your appointment please write me to my personal e-mail massagebyclaudia1@yahoo.com with the dates of your trip and I will love to get back with you as soon as possible , suggesting you days and times open for you to choose.
My studio is in puerto morelos area ( it's like 45 minutes away from Cancun ). If you have never been to Puerto Morelos , this will be a great options to visit our lovely and peaceful town and if you want after your session maybe you can stop and have lunch or just get a drink in one of our local and delicious restaurants. There is also a little flea market and a few new stotres in town in case you need to do some shopping.
It's absolutely and completely safe to go out and do things out of the hotel so don't worry about that. Puerto Morelos is a very peaceful and nice town that I'm sure you will enjoy.
For your appointments or any questions or doubts please feel free and write me back.
Appointments available for September , October , November and December . Book and advance and get a super special discount for the couples coming from TEMPTATIONS.
Looking forward to hear from you and the pleasure to see you guys very soon !
Send you all a huge hug and kiss with all my love.


Claudia Gabucio
Touch Of Magic by Claudia Gabucio