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Thread: First Timers Going to Desire RM 8/20-8/28

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    Cool First Timers Going to Desire RM 8/20-8/28

    We've been to Hedo II and Temptations several times and have incredible trips every single time. This year with Temptations in renovation we've decided to try Desire RM. We are used to meeting a group of friends when we travel but this year we are going in solo. Just wondering if we can expect to meet anyone from here during the week of 8/20/17?

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    How did the week go? We're also first timers, booked for late November. We've also been to Temptations before the renos, But are trying DM this time for a special occasion. Can you give us some honest feedback on what we might expect since you were just there recently? Since there are so many reviews out there both positive and negative, would like to hear yours because its recent. Wife is concerned about the beach condition and possible lack of snorkeling. We're also curious on oceanview rooms (best area of resort to be in or ask for), tips on rooftop Jacuzzi and playroom for sure and any other advice you can offer? Thx

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    I would gladly answer any questions you have about Desire RM. we went last December and it was a blast.

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    We're in the exact same situation. Temptation twice, Hedo once. Had wonderful times for all three trips. The wife really loves the dancing nightlife. Is the DRM dancing nightlife wild and crazy? Does the EC staff have any fun games going on around the pool during the day like temptation? Would love to hear any trip reports.

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    The club dancing is great at Desire- better than hedo and at least as good as Temptation

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