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Thread: 1st time going single

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    1st time going single

    Was thinking of planning a trip for later this year, probably October.
    But I have never been there as a single individual, so would it be hard
    to find someone that may wanna join up and go together?
    Just a thought...
    June 2013

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    don't think you will have any trouble... if your there the end of Oct we will be there.... just let us know.
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    If you could wait until February, I have both a single guy and a single gal who would like roommates to share costs. I am the single gal lead for a Lovin' Life group and am helping singles find roommates.

    There is a group info page here:

    I also go to H2 frequently as a single gal and love the place. I find that as long as I am open about what I want and/or don't want peeps are really cool. Every once in a while there is someone who tries to push the boundaries, but usually have others who step up and 'block'.

    Let me know if you have any questions about going, no matter when you do so.

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    We'll be there for YSW in late Oct and it'd be great to get to know you. This is our first time going and so we're definitely still learning things.

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