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Thread: Hello everyone! Newbie April 2018

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    Hello everyone! Newbie April 2018

    I've been lurking for a couple weeks. I'm so impressed and fascinated by how open and welcoming everyone is on this site. My hubby and I are in the process of booking our virgin voyage to Hedo. We are going to book with Angel and Kitten for their spring fling in April 2018.

    Looking forward to sipping a few yummy drinks and getting naked! Yikes! We are excited to get to know all you wonderful and fun people and meet new friends on an amazing trip.

    Counting the days.... grrrrr way to many 
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    Welcome to the forum, you definitely chose the right group to go with! We will be there for our 9th trip to Hedo and 3rd with K&A.

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    Hello all! New here and to HII. Booking our first trip for late April. Excited and a bit anxious but looking forward to fun and new friends.

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    Read all you can, trip reports on here have alot of info also.
    And always feel free to ask any questions, were a friendly helpful bunch in here, lol.
    Co-Hosts of kitten + angel's 11th Annual Spring Fling April 13th - 20th, 2019 (We will be onsite 4/07/19 - 4/22/19)

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