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Thread: Hedo Newbie trip report (April 15 - 22, 2017)

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    Hedo Newbie trip report (April 15 - 22, 2017)

    This was my first time back to Hedo after 25 years and it was my wife's first time. So, basically, it was our first time for both of us. I'll spare everyone details about the various group activities as others have already written about them and frankly, they did a much better job writing about them than I could have.

    Our trip started in September 2016 when my wife mentioned going to Jamaica for our 2017 vacation. We are not in the lifestyle and normally keep to ourselves. We are both pretty quiet and shy. I asked her what kind of vacation she was looking for (resort, sightseeing, etc...).
    We both like to vacation very differently. Over the past few years, our son and I have gone on vacation on our own where we do lots of hiking, spelunking and white water rafting. She primarily likes to relax by a pool.
    Understanding how different we are, she suggested going to an all inclusive resort where she could relax and I could do many activities. Having heard me talk about Hedonism in the past, she suggested going there. I quickly said that this was a good idea but I wanted to make sure that she understood what kind of place it is. How would someone who is shy about going topless in our own pool react to an atmosphere like Hedo? She said that she'd be ok. I didn't believe her but went along with it anyway. She also wanted us to have an opportunity to reconnect as a couple without work or family to distract us.

    I went into research mode. First finding out more information about the resort and then about the various groups going. Initially, we were thinking about going late January to escape the Montreal winter a bit, but we eventually found Kitten and Angel's group. Although much wilder than us, people that are part of this group appeared to be welcoming of everyone. With some other groups, it felt as if you didn't know the secret handshake, then it would be difficult to integrate yourself to the group. This is why we picked Kitten and Angel. We came close to booking with Ann's group (Krewe de Krazy Life) in June, but we just couldn't wait until that long. Perhaps another time.
    They didn't disappoint. From our very first encounter to the last, we only have positive things to say. Both the organizers and the members made us feel welcome immediately.
    From December until April when we left, I think that we discussed the trip at least once a day. We kept finding things to buy for our trip. Amazon has been our best friend and worst enemy. :-)

    We flew with Air Transat directly from Montreal to Montego Bay. If you fly with them, get the Plus additional package. It was worth lineups at the airport counter, separate lines at security, blankets (to keep) in the plane, champagne bottles, beach bags, drinks and snacks in the plane. After 500+ flights I'm not surprised easily, but they managed to do that. When we arrived, a Club Mobay agent greeted us. We went through the airport and lines very quickly. They were very professional. The drive to Negril went well with Rocky's. If you're curious what the drive looks like, check out the time lapse video that I made:

    From the moment that we arrived at Hedonism, we knew that we were somewhere special. We had such high hopes for our vacation that we weren't sure if they could live up to our expectations. Within a few minutes, it was obvious that our expectations would be met. The staff was simply outstanding without any exceptions. We had booked a regular garden view but they upgraded us to the nude side. While not luxurious, the room was very clean and comfortable. The air conditioner worked perfectly. We never touched it the entire trip.
    A quick note about the staff...
    Everyone we met during our stay had a smile on their face, made us feel welcomed, and had an outstanding attitude. At home, I'm not much of a breakfast person, but everyday at Hedonism, I had an omelet mostly because although they were good, I especially enjoyed a few words with the omelet guy every day (I forgot his name). My wife's favourite person was probably the man who gave the water aerobics class at the nude pool on Wed - Friday. His class was a lot of fun...I wished they offered it every day.

    On a side note, I've read multiple times in this forum how we can't tip. When we checked out on the 22nd, I asked the person at reception how we could give a little something to a few people without getting them into trouble for accepting tips. He asked us to put the money in a white envelope and to write the names of the people on it and to leave it with him at reception.
    When we arrived to Hedo, we quickly met Kitten and Angel and their husbands. We weren't expecting to receive much, but we were surprised to get a large bad with tons of stuff. All 4 were very friendly and made us feel at home.

    When the moment that my wife first mentioned going to Hedo, I was very careful to make sure that I didn't push her to do something that she wasn't comfortable to do. I also wanted to make sure that "she didn't take one for the team" and do something that she would later regret. I've always told her that if she doesn't want to do something or feel uncomfortable, she always had the ultimate veto power and that I would never give her grief or try to convince her otherwise. That said, there was one minor exception to this rule. She wanted to start our vacation on the prude side and then migrate to the nude pool/beach as the week progressed. Instead, I suggested that we should jump in right away and go to the nude side. She was apprehensive about it but agreed. Well, after 20+ years of marriage, she can still surprise me. She jumped in with both feet and after a short time feeling awkward, she grew accustomed to it.

    April 17th was my birthday and I began the day doing some scuba diving. I don't have a lot of experience and I was upfront about it. Scuba diving is far too dangerous to mislead people about your capabilities. The resort dive master took great care of me. Before our dive, he helped me and during the dive, he kept an eye out for me and made this a fun and safe outing. I can say the same about my diving partner. During the afternoon, the resort sent a bottle of champagne and fruit to our room. It was a nice, unexpected surprise. I had my own mask and snorkel but for the rest, I borrowed the resort's equipment. It was clean and worked without any problems.

    Our days were fairly lazy and relaxing, but we did manage to go snorkeling (twice), go sailing, went on the K & A group cruise, and took the obligatory at Sandals to share with the family and friends.

    The food at the main hall was ok, but we much preferred the Japanese restaurant and Pastafari. We mostly ate in the main hall during breakfast and at the various snack bars at lunch. The food at the restaurants was very good. If you expect a five Michelin star dinner, you'll be disappointed. That said, the food was very good and we both agreed that if either restaurants were in our area, we would surely be regular patrons. Like for the rest of the resort, the staff was outstanding. I just can't say enough good things about them. My wife especially appreciated the fried sea bass at lunch. Since we have been back, we have had that dish twice at home.

    Late night is when the action really starts at Hedo. Unfortunately, we missed most of it...falling asleep between 10 and midnight. We did sample the playroom a few times. It was a blast and easily one of our favourite places at night. We always went there pretty early so it was fairly empty...still a lot of fun though. I can just imagine what it's like late at night. We skipped most of the evening activities, but a few times, we did get dressed up. I like to have a good laugh, so on K & A's western theme night, I wore these shorts along with a cowboy shirt and hat:
    The reaction on people's faces was priceless. This brings me to our 1 regret during the trip...every day, we should have taken a nap during the afternoon in order to stay up longer at night. What a newbie mistake!

    My wife's hope for this vacation was for us to reconnect as a couple and for her to have my undivided attention. For me, it was to see her being able to let loose a bit more and just have fun. Mission accomplished on both accounts. You'd think that with all the naked people around, we would easily get distracted, but it was actually the opposite. I even surprised her with a couple's massage at the nude beach. She was shocked and never expected me to agree to it. Since we are from a northern climate, we are pretty pale and prone to burning more easily. I was in charge of sun block. I made sure to apply and reapply sun block on her every 30 minutes or so. Her breasts never got a sunburn. The rest of her body didn't burn either. Me, on the other hand didn't fair quite as well. I was doing great all week and got sloppy on the last day and missed an important part of my anatomy. I now know that the top of my manhood also needs sun block.

    Speaking of manhood, if there is one thing that most men are worried about is how do they stack up compared to others. Most men worry about how they compare to others in an un-erect state. I always thought that size was relative to someone's height. Since I'm a bit shorter than average, I figured that I was also smaller than average. Seeing lots of naked guys at Hedo, I realized that I'm actually average. I'm ok with that. So, it was actually a boost to my ego.

    Before I finish this long soliloquy, I need to mention a few things about the guests at the resort. Everyone was easy to talk to and so friendly. I'd like to mention names here, but out of respect, I won't. Some of the people that we met made such a great impression on us that, should we go back to Hedo, we would try to coordinate our dates to match theirs. On Friday afternoon, we did encounter the creepy single guy (on a day pass) in the Jacuzzi, but that was our only negative experience. Even then, everyone was watching him carefully.
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    Great report and glad enjoyed the group. See you next year for the big 10 year bash?






    Just 354 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian&Terri View Post
    Great report and glad enjoyed the group. See you next year for the big 10 year bash?
    We'd love to, but we'll see how finances line up. The exchange rate really hurt us this year.
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    Great report.
    We are so glad we could help make your vacation so special.
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    Great report. Glad you two had an awesome time.
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    Excellent report, it was great to meet you and glad you enjoyed so much!

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    Awesome report that we all benefit from here on ATF!

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    Great report. Thank you for writing it.
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