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Thread: CopNkitten Trip Report April 2017

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    CopNkitten Trip Report April 2017

    April 11th, 2017
    Up at 5am to put the last minute toiletries into the bags and get ready for the Limo ride to the airport for our 21st Trip on our 30th Anniversary. The driver was 15 minutes early and came at 5:30. Bags loaded and on our way. Absolutely no traffic and when we got to the airport there were no lines at the counter. We had the bag guy check us in and check our bags and got our boarding passes. Off to security, and then again, only one family in front of us, no waiting, right through. Wow, travelling on Tuesdays is awesome. We stopped and got a bagel and then went to the gate.
    The plane boarded on time at 7:30 and since Hillary Clinton came to Philly last year for her convention, and I worked a ton of overtime, I used it all to book us first class tickets so we were one of the first to board. Soon we had an early morning drink in hand and were really on vacation! I was drinking Mimosas but after two they said they ran out of champagne, hmmmm, really. So tried a Bloody Mary, but that sucked. Just stick with a diet soda then. The breakfast sandwich was pretty good. We were apparently the only plane landing and there were no lines at all in the airport. We had Club Mobay but it was really not needed today. Our bags came out right away and we breezed thru customs and stopped and Sun Holiday to set up our bus. Then waited in Club Moby with a red stripe. It took about 35 minutes before we got a bus and we were the only ones on it. We normally donít like to stop but since it took so long for the bus, I had a few red stripes, so I needed a bathroom stop half way through. We stopped and got back on the road. Our driver was ok, a little slower than some driving but maybe thatís not so bad.
    We arrived at Hedo and checked in and the room was not ready. They said in about 30 minutes. So we went and had some lunch and relaxed and went back and was told it would be about 30 more minutes. It actually was about 45 minutes. But itís all good as we got the room we would be in for the next 13 nights. No moving when the group comes. We thought we might have to since we came a few days early to be here on our anniversary. They took our bags to our room, and with all the group stuff and costumes, I find it best to mostly unpack right away and get semi organized. We did that and then went to the nude pool but it was over packed and we decided to go up to the main pool. The main pool had a few couples in chairs and one in the pool. We got drinks in our mugs and went in the main pool. Some very large clouds came by and covered the sun for a while but it was still warm and nice. We got out of the pool, stopped at the bar and refilled our mugs and then went back to the room for some anniversary fun. After that we went in our own hot tub for a while, then got out and just walked down the nude beach for a bit. We checked out the new nude pool bar remodel and the grill and new seating area, very nice. Back to the room to do some stuff for our group then showered and got ready for dinner. Being our big anniversary and our group was not here we didnít really go costumes tonight, since it was glow night kitten put a light up flower in her hair and I put my blinking light up hat on, so technically we were in theme.
    We had dinner at the main buffet and we thought there was pulled pork on the menu but after putting some things on our plate we did not see any. We should have gone to one of the restaurants. But we made do and can always find something to eat. We arrived for dinner around 7:15 and found most of the seats empty and got a seat right up by the railing to watch the show later. The show was great, the performers were really good and you can tell Winston is working on their choreography. Winston had one of the ECís sing a nice romantic song for our 30th anniversary and we danced to it. After the show it was the glow party on the pool deck. That was really crowded and loud so we went by the piano bar and it was karaoke night. The few that got up to sing, well letís just say, they were having fun. So we went out and relaxed in the courtyard for a while. We went down to the dock and this year I brought my powerful police flashlight so we can look for fish. We saw a ton of small colorful fish, a large spotted stingray, and two large puffers that seemed to hang under the dock and came out occasionally. After that we went back to the room and called it a night.

    Wednesday 04/12/17
    I was up around 8am and came out back to do my notes for this trip report, notes for the group and things I think might work for next yearís group, that can be discussed among the four leaders. This is my routine pretty much every morning while kitten still sleeps. I chatted with the pool guy who came to work on the hot tub. Took my morning pic of the beach chairs (when no one was in them) and posted online a bit. Woke kitten up so we could get ready and go up for breakfast. We both had omelets and while kitten was finishing her breakfast I went and took down the moon hill sign we put up years ago. It was looking really bad and needed some sprucing up.
    After breakfast we went back to the room and went out back of our room to relax. Kitten went in the lounge chair and I started sanding the sign. I sanded it for about an hour and it was looking worse than I thought. About that time an EC walked by and said ďoh are you going to have the painter guy paint that for youĒ. Ummm, yea, great idea. So I walked right down from our room and asked him how much to paint the sign and what I wanted. He gave me a price and I paid him and told him to just drop it off out back our room when he was done. I got cleaned up and we went to the nude pool. We found several of our group members that were already on site and chatted with them for a while and just relaxed in the pool. We also saw a man from the resort walking in the water picking up sea urchins for a better part of the late morning and early afternoon.
    We left the pool, stopped by our room and got some clothes to have lunch at the Prude Beach Grill. Jerk chicken is as good as always. Service was quick and friendly. As we finished lunch we saw it was pretty cloudy so we went to our room and just hung out on the lounge chairs out back. There we looked up and in the trees were a bunch of small parrots. Conures, my wife said, like we have at home. They were eating the yellow stuff that was sprouting from the treeís. Upon closer inspection we saw a large group of them were there, 6-8 birds, along with a woodpecker. I took some pics with my Ipad but they were far up in the tree. I went in the room and got my real camera and it fogged up from coming out of the a/c of the room. After the lens warmed up I got some good pics of them. We continued to just relax on the beach out back of our room until it was time to get ready for dinner.
    Shower and dress. We put our fetish outfits on and off we went. The plan was to look at the menu and if it was not something we wanted to then go to one of the restaurants as there is no more reservations. Tonight they had all our favorites, duck, and carving a pig on the carving station, and spicy shrimp. And all three were out of this world. The one thing we didnít like was another group decided to save all the tables on the lower level just off the dance floor, for their group. They told the servers they were doing this and no one said anything. The fetish show was amazing. The guy and girls that do the trapeze acts, really talented and fun to watch. The ECís that performed were also very good. All together a very well put on show.
    After the show we went to the piano bar where we saw Stephanie and we asked about Deon, she got a sad look as I imagine that she gets asked every single night she is there. She said he was progressing and doing better and he thanked everyone for their concern. Kenny was the piano player, and he did not talk or sing, just played the piano, and Stephanie carried the show. She did amazing. A few guests got up to sing, some were ok, some very good. She asked for requests and I asked her to sing a Whitney Houston song and she sung ďI Will Always Love YouĒ. Now we knew Stephanie when she was an EC at the resort and she could always sing some, but man has she progressed into a professional singer. That song is not easy and she more than nailed it. Wow was she good.
    As the piano bar was winding down we were speaking with a gentleman that we know and kitten took a liking to, and the three of us went back to our room for some fun, Hedo style. After working up an appetite we went to the nude grill and got a pizza. The nude hot tub looked crowded and everyone was sitting on the edge which usually means itís too hot. So the three of us went back to our roomís hot tub, and chatted and we both flirted with kitten for a while. A cat must have smelled the pizza and came running over and sat next to the hot tub, so I gave him a few pieces of sausage from the pizza and then it was time to get some sleep. Late night, a lot of fun, and a lot of booze, lol.

    Thursday 04/13/17
    I woke up around 8:30am. Went out back to do my notes. Got a cold water from the cooler they stock on the beach. Saw the parrots again, put some polyurethane on the moon hill sign and followed my normal morning routine until it was time to get kitten up for breakfast.
    There were a few people at both stations waiting for omeletís so I got pancakes that were already made. After I ate I had to get our group stuff and take it to the room for the week to come.
    After breakfast we went to the room, gathered our stuff and went to the main pool to relax a bit before waiting for the other host couple of our group, Fred and angel. It was nice and sunny today and the pool only had a few people in and around it. One of the groups onsite was having a pool party but people didnít start really gathering until later, and it was about time to get out. We got a table near the lobby so we could see when our friends arrived, had some lunch and then waited. Got a text from Fred, apparently they checked every single bag they had, and they have a lot, between group stuff and costumes, so that took a while. I was thinking with the big holiday weekend down here and all thatís going on in the world, maybe they were doing extra security this week. Then traffic along the way to the resort.
    They finally arrived, checked in and got their room. They did some organizing and unpacking and we all went to the nude pool bar for drinks. kitten tried to get nachoís but they were out, so she got a quesadilla and fries. We saw some people we know and all chatted for a few minutes and then the four of us went to our roomís hot tub to catch up and relax.
    Shower and head up to the main buffet for dinner. Good selection and we got a table near the stage. Tonight was guest and resort talent show. Two girls got up and sang and, well, they tried really hard, and really loud. Another guy got up and sang a hard rap song, not our style. The ECís did very well with their performances and Harry did a dance act with an EC that was also very good. Since last night was a long night and I didnít sleep very well after, we made an early night of it and went back to the room for some fun and sleep.

    Friday 04/14/17
    I was up around 8am and out back to do my notes, start typing this trip report, and post my morning pics of hedo on the various forums. I walked the beach and back to the room. Saw a parrot again in the tree and could hear the woodpecker. Woke kitten up for breakfast and we went up to the buffet. We went back to the room to put together the group bags and organize stuff. That took most of the day but when we finally finished we had about an hour so we went to the pool to get some pool time in. We stayed for about an hour.
    Back to the room to shower and dress for dinner at the main buffet as it was the grand gala dinner. No lobster but they did have all the sushi, tempura and other things. Great choices and all very good. The shrimp in the big pan they were cooking were very spicy. But the Shrimp and Veggie tempura were outstanding.
    We love the rock show and Winston and Miguel did not disappoint. As it was the anniversary of Princeís death, Winston of course did Purple Rain and an encore of Hotel California. Stephanie was in the courtyard and always does a great job. It was extremely crowded and since we had an early day we retired early.

    Saturday 04/15/17
    Up early and got all the swag bags loaded into the luggage truck and taken up to the main lobby area. I got busy checking people in and chatting and completely missed breakfast. More checking in of group members and then we took turns getting some lunch. We stayed all day until after 6pm. We left at 6:10pm and went back to the room, showered, dressed and made it back to the main bar before 7pm to do the welcome toast. While dressing, my feet were too swollen to fit my shoes so we went to Plan B for the costume tonight.
    I did the welcome toast and chatted with a lot of the group then we got a table for dinner. We ate and watched the show. After the show we went to the pool deck to do our costume contest and then hung out and chatted with people until like 1am. Back to the room for some fun and bed.

    Sunday 04/16/17
    Up early, worked on notes, moved the special duck to its new location, put a bunch of other (decoy) ducks out. Took some pics of the beach to post on the forums.
    Breakfast and then chatted with new and old group members. Went back to the room to get the stuff for the day and went over to the Prude Pool. Set up for Liars Dice and got a drink. Not as many people came this year but the ones that did had a lot of fun and we played two full rounds. After two rounds we packed everything up and had lunch at the prude grill. Stopped by the room after lunch and dropped the stuff off and got our beach/pool bag and went to the nude pool for one hour.
    Back to the room to shower and dress for a vow renewal I was performing for one of our group members. We met them on the beach and I did the ceremony. (sorry about making you cry J) We stopped by the prude beach bar for a celebratory toast after the ceremony. Fred made a toast and we chatted for a while, then back to the room to shower and get ready for Bunny Night. I painted my face yellow and got in my peep outfit with my chicken feet and a basket full of candy. We headed up to the main dining room and got a seat. I got a pic with Anita the Diva. For a rare time, I actually went up on the stage for the resorts costume contest. I eventually won, $3 Hedo bucks. I think maybe because I bribed half the audience, giving all the women chocolate before, might have helped, lol. I walked around the dining room handing out candy all night.
    We watched the show and went to the piano bar after, where Denise was hosting and singing tonight. It was a lot of fun. After the piano bar we went back to the room to take off the body paint, shower, fun and go to bed.

    Monday 04/17/17
    Up at 8:30am, out on the patio in the back of our room, the normal morning pics, working on notes, and putting ducks out. Woke kitten up for breakfast and went to the dining room.
    After breakfast I drug the giant floating duck and other floats to the dive shack to have them inflate them for our beach party. Drug them down to the area for the beach party. We had a great turn out, even with on and off rain. It cleared up after about 45 minutes and the ocean was warm, and we all swam for a while. After the beach party we drug the rafts back to our room and deflated the normal rafts, and locked up the giant duck by our hot tub (if unlocked, he has a tendency to wander). We had lunch at the nude grill today, Quesadillas and fries and hung out for a bit there.
    Back to the room to shower and dress for our group cocktail party. We went up to the piano bar and set things up there and did our cocktail party. Another great turn out. For the second year and elderly gentleman who was at the resort came into the group cocktail party, I guess to check it out.
    We took group stuff back to the room and did a quick change into costumes for Jamaica Night. We tried to eat at one of the restaurants but it was a 45-minute wait at Pastafari, and Harry-San was full and a long wait for a table there. So we found a table at the main dining room and ate there. Watched the show and headed out for our nightly costume contest. We had a light turn out tonight, but the ones that came were really dressed and fantastic. We chatted with Richard for a while then headed to the room.

    Tuesday 04/18/17
    Up early for breakfast and then right back to the room to head out for our Group Nude Cruise. We headed down to the dock and saw the boat we were supposed to have got rented to someone else and we did not get the boat or the crew we usually have. I loaded first to play some music while people boarded (Jaws theme, fantasy island, Gilliganís island, etc). Rasta Ralphie was on the boat and wanted me to turn my music off (I had other music for the cruise) but the captain said itís your cruise play your music, so we turned it back on. We stopped for snorkeling and they did not have any soapy water to rinse the masks off so a lot of people have fogging issues. I of course forgot to put my water proof case back on my Gopro and did not realize it until after going in the water, big costly mistake there. We saw a lot of smaller fish but nothing big.
    There was a big rainbow totally going around the sun in a big circle. It was really odd looking and we took a bunch of pictures. After snorkeling we cruised past Rickís to some caves by a lighthouse. We saw a lot of birds in the front of the cave and then a bunch of bats in the back of the cave. One of the guests slid down the slide on the boat and hit his head and was disoriented. One of the crew members jumped in and helped him back to the boat. The crew member yelled at him at first thinking he was playing around. I was not happy about that. We also had an issue of the first mate having a very loud argument with the captain about where to drop the anchor, to the point I thought it might get physical. Not very professional.
    We cruised back to the resort and we could see as we were approaching that it was very cloudy and raining at the resort, though we had beautiful sunshine all day on the cruise.
    We went to the room to drop things off, get an umbrella and stopped by the prude beach grill for lunch. I was starting to fall in love with the fish sandwich with pickles and cheese. We went back to the room to try and get a quick nap after lunch.
    Woke up and showered and dressed to head up to the main dining room early. Castaways was sponsoring glow night tonight and we had a ton of glow stuff, as did Mary Ellenís group, to get lit up and give away. kitten & angel went around with bags full of glow stuff and gave some out to everyone that wanted some. Fred and I also went around and gave some stuff out.
    Watched the show and then off to the pool deck for our costume contest. We had it a little early tonight as they have the big glow party after. We had some amazing costumes tonight and it was very well attended. After our contest they started the pool deck glow party and Fred had giving the DJ a list of some Disco and classic music to play instead of the normal techno stuff that gets played. We had the pool deck rocking and full of dancers, even the bar tenders were dancing. We hung out there until the wee hours of the morning having a great time. Went back to the room and crashed.

    Wednesday 04/19/17
    Up at 8:45am today, did my notes on the back deck, put some ducks out. I tried to post some pics of the crazy rainbow around the sun but the internet was not fast enough to do that with my laptop. It worked great using my Ipad.
    Woke kitten up for breakfast and headed up. After breakfast we put up the croquet set for our group event and set up the Alice in Wonderland props for it. After the setup it started to rain. The rain stopped about 12:15 and dried out well for our 1pm tournament. We had two full courses playing and people in the gallery watching. It was a spirited game with a big come from behind finish for the win. Everyone seemed to have a great time. After the game we broke everything down and put it away and went back to the room to drop the group stuff off. We were going to head to the pool but as soon as we walked out the door the skies opened up and it started to pour down rain. So we went to Plan B and went back in the room to do some group stuff. Someone had taken the special duck but did not turn it in so we assumed that a non-member of the group took it. So I got the backup duck out and placed him out on the resort.
    After the group work we showered and dressed for dinner. The main dining room had some of our favorites, duck, roast pig and shrimp. The show was amazing again, with the trapeze act, and Dirty Diana doing the milk show. We went out to the pool deck after the show to get ready for the group costume contest. Great turn out and very sexy outfits for Fetish Night. We told everyone that the backup duck was out, gave them a few clues as to the location and one couple said they were going ducky hunting with the flashlight on their phone. After the contest we went right to the play room where one of our experienced members was giving a sensual couples BDSM class. The power went out mid-event and we made due with my phone flashlight. About 12:30am we were asked to leave as people were complaining they wanted to use the room. Although I did not think that was right as we were in there using the room and were there first, we had not made advance arrangements to hold a class. We will set something up ahead of time next time to ensure that does not happen again.
    Since we were asked to leave we packed up and kitten and I went back to our room where I flogged her there.

    Thursday 04/20/17
    Up at 8:30am, did my notes, made some posts and put ducks around the resort. The backup special duck was gone. Apparently the couple that said they were going ducky hunting with a light, actually did and they found the duck.
    We went to breakfast and after breakfast back to the room to do some special group stuff that we do every year for our members. After the group work we went to the nude pool for a while. It was cloudy and got a little chilly so we all migrated to the nude hot tub and hung there for a while.
    We got out and went to lunch at the prude grill, I got my fish sandwich again. Today it was really slow and it took over 45 minutes for us to get our food. After lunch we went back to the room to get stuff ready for group dinner night. Showered and went up to see about the weather. As they were setting up our group dinner on the pool deck it started to rain. We had to move it again inside. We tried the Wild Wild West two years ago and got rained out. Out of nine years the only two group dinners we got rained out was when we tried to do the Wild Wild West. No more of that theme. We helped set up all the stuff we did, put wanted posters up, hung up the saloon doors I made of wood at home and brought down, set lanterns on the tables, neckerchief napkins, poker chips on the tables and a few other things.
    After set up I ran back to the room to dress, my feet were too swollen again to fit my cowboy boots so off to plan B for that as well. Back up for dinner, mingling with all our guests. A lot of great people dressed for the theme, great ice sculptures as always and the cut outs I took around that people put their faces into were a big hit. We ate and saw some of the show and then off to the pool deck for our group costume contest. Wow what a turn out tonight and some amazing costumes. We had full on cowboys, and also a full on Indian Chief, Woody from Toy Story and a realistic confederate soldier. Great job by all and it was really tough to decide on a winner, so we ended up for the first time ever, having co-winners.
    After the costume contest we all went down to the docks for our special group event we do every year (weather permitting). Wow what a great time. People were really moved by this event. We hung out there for a while after, chatting, looking at sting rays and puffer fish. Then back to the room, took some time to organize some stuff and went to bed.

    Friday 04/21/17
    Up at 9am, which is a late start for me usually. Up for breakfast then back to the room after to re-inflate the giant duck for the pool party today. I took the duck and the giant inflatable donut up to the main pool. At 12pm it started to rain, and it rained until 12:45pm then stopped. People started to gather and we starting playing volleyball. We ended up with two very large teams on both sides and played for two hours, almost non-stop. We stopped for drinks and shots and people left to use the bathrooms, but it was a good full two hours of play. We called it and got out after two hours and five minutes later it started raining again. We had lunch in the main dining room while it was raining. We saw Harry who was coming back to the resort and said hi.
    After the rain stopped we went back to the room, kitten took a nap, I could not sleep. After we took our showers we went up to the main dining room for dinner. It was packed as several big groups were already on site and a couple new big groups were coming in and a lot of people came in early. The grand gala buffet had long lines on everything, and the show was amazing again. Winston and Miguel did a tribute to all rock stars no longer with us. Chuck Barry, George Michael, Prince, etc.
    We went to the pool deck to set up for our last group costume contest of this trip. Winston was finishing up his encore of Hotel California so we held the costume contest for a few minutes. As soon as we started the contest for the first time in 9 group trips it started to rain on the contest. We did it fast and gave out all the awards and went inside by the main bar for a farewell toast. We hung out with everyone for a while there, met a lot of the people coming in with the new groups, some old friends.
    We went back to our room and jumped in our own hot tub for a while just relaxing. We stayed there for a good bit then went to bed for some fun and off to sleep.

    Saturday 04/22/17
    Up at 8:30am to catch up on my notes. Again tried to post a few things from my laptop but that did not work. Up for breakfast. We went out to moon a bunch of our group that were leaving, from moon hill. We set up a meeting with management, then hit the room quickly to grab our stuff and off to the nude pool. We donít get nearly enough pool time when the group is here so we wanted to make the most of it today. We hung out there for a while, hit the hot tub for a while also. In the afternoon we went back to the prude grill for lunch. It did not take quite as long today to get food.
    After lunch we went back to the room to take inventory of group stuff and organize things and do some light packing. We had a bunch of school supplies and Rusheen that we knew from Hedo years past was coming to the resort to pick them up as another group had adopted the school we were sponsoring and we are in the process of getting our new school to sponsor. As long as some children get the supplies that is all that matters. We got all the supplies up front and Rusheen was late so Fred and I went into the meeting and left kitten and angel to wait for her. They called in when she got there and when we went out Naughty Nick was also there with her. What a pleasant surprise seeing him. What a great guy and entertainer. After the meeting we stopped at the main bar and had a few drinks.
    Back to the room to shower and dress for dinner. We went to Pastafari today and there was no line and we got right in. It was a great meal and very relaxing time. It was a little slow getting our food but no complaints today. We left there and got a table to watch the show. Another fantastic show, Winston killed it lip synching and tossing his clothes into the crowd. After the show we went to the piano bar and Denise was hosting and singing again tonight and we stayed until closing.
    After the piano bar we went to the prude grill and it started raining. I asked for pizza and was told they did not have pizza and ďthey only have pizza sometimesĒ. What a disappointment. Since it was raining we did not feel like going to the nude grill for pizza. I didnít get anything, kitten got some fries. After we went back to the room.

    Sunday 04/23/17
    Up at 8:15am for my last morning posting pics of the beach. Went to breakfast and after breakfast back to the room to get ready for our much needed massages. We went to the spa and got our couples massages for 80 minutes, they were out of this world. After the massages we showered and then went to the room to get our pool stuff and then headed to the nude pool to relax on our last day. We still had a few group members including one that left on Saturday, got to the airport, had their flight cancelled, and came back to the resort last night, lol. We chatted with group leaders that were there for the coming week. It was sun and clouds all day but a nice day just relaxing at the pool. We had lunch at the nude grill and didnít leave for most of the day.
    Room to shower and dress for our last night. We wanted dinner at Harry Sanís but it was crowded again so we just ate in the main dining room. Watched the show and did our normal hanging for a while in the piano bar before calling it a night on our last night.

    Monday 04/24/17
    Up at 8am to put our bags out and get ready to head up. We had breakfast, said a lot of good byes and then headed to the bus. It was a slow drive to the airport and when we got there we realized one of kittenís large luggage bags were left at the resort. Lesson learned to go and watch them load the luggage. Went in and long lines, even for first class. We checked our bags and went to Club Mobay to relax with friends, after picking up a few bottles of Rum Cream.
    Flight home was uneventful. They were expecting heavy weather but we did not get much at all. For which we were very happy. Our driver kept texting while we were waiting for our luggage and we finally got them and found him. Off to the car and a quick ride home. Quick unpack and relaxing with the cats who missed us, lol.

    The shows are really amazing; Winston is doing a fantastic job of making great shows even better.
    Denise is really turning into a great singer and entertainer.
    All the staff is friendly and helpful.
    Water is still spotty on temperatures in some rooms.
    The new remodeled nude side looks amazing, and the patio area by the nude grill is a nice addition
    They are doing their best at the piano bar with Deon being out, and it is still very entertaining there.
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    Thank you for your efforts and sharing---yet again---another great and detailed trip report for all of us on ATF.

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    Great report Cop... and Happy Anniversary (belated).
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    Another great year from the best group. Thanks for all you do for us on our vacation. We will enjoy a longer trip next year.






    Just 354 days

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    Wow, absolutely fantastic trip report, you may have actually exceeded your usual high standard. Thanks to all the group leaders who put in such a monumental amount of time and work to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time!
    Taking notes is a great idea...I will have to try it, after all Mr. Appleton's Finest is not conducive to great memory retention!

    BTW, another 2 pigtails up…

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    Well you know I live for the pigtails up awards.

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    Another fantastic report! It was a pleasure to read makes us feel like we are right there with you.
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    Jan. 16th - Jan. 27th - 2014 - HII
    Jan. 18th - Jan. 30th - 2016 - HII
    Oct. 17th - Oct. 28th - 2016 - HII
    Jan. 16th - Jan. 28th - 2018 - HII

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    Apr 2011
    Thank you for the awesome report! Really helps with th DIF as we countdown our 30 days till we are home again!

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    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Great detailed trip report - but the anniversary of Prince's death was not April 14 it was April 21 - and Winston acknowledged that on stage
    7th Annual HEDO SWITCH HITTERS - April 21 - 28, 2018

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    Really liked your trip report. Took me two days to get through it!

    Always amazes me all the work and effort it takes to host a group trip. Thanks for sharing that part.
    Returning to HEDO in sometime in 2018. Will let you know when we know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_r_a View Post
    Great detailed trip report - but the anniversary of Prince's death was not April 14 it was April 21 - and Winston acknowledged that on stage
    Perhaps they just mentioned it that night.
    You know I was drinking that day.
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