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Thread: women's clothing

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    women's clothing

    I (male) pick out all of wife"s slut wear, and like doing so, this way she has someone to blame, or an excuse. This shit can get pretty expensive, especially when you figure in that it will be worn only once a year for a couple of hours, and if lucky not that long. A nice alternative is cover ups for E-bay, the cheap stuff from China, who cares it it falls apart after a couple of washing's, all that much better. And be aware of sizing, orientals are at least one size smaller, maybe two, and don"t expect a quick arrival, talk about that slow boat from China- better count on a month. All in all, I am pleased, after wasting some money on sizing issues, and when you do not have an arm and leg invested, it does not hurt that bad. Most of the cover ups can be used as a dress, sexy and revealing. Teddies and lingerie are also good alternatives to show her off assets, as are see through clothing. But beware, I now take more clothes to a clothing optional resort than I did to a vanilla one. Have a sexy vacation.

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    My wife got these for about $10 each cdn from Amazon. Like you said, they only get worn very little so why spend a bunch.


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    916 is a great site for inexpensive outfits.

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