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Thread: Addicted To Forum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian&Terri View Post
    I'm sure you turned out just fine. My wife grew up catholic too.
    My wife also grew up catholic...there must be some connection to Hedo.

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    Catholic girls are the best sinners...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CopNkitten View Post
    Father Francis says you have been a bad girl and need a spanking.
    Spank me then.... Spank me
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirl View Post
    I enjoyed it very much. Spent many weekends at the beach of course. Attended the catholic school in Kingston called Imacculate Conception! The school still exists, and is still run by nuns! Not sure the nuns that run the school would be happy to hear that I hang out at Hedo!
    My sisters went to "The Immaculate Conniption" too, until my mother got into an "altercation" with Sister Chlorine Mary and got thrown out of her office......

    My wife and her sisters went there too, but their memories are a lot more positive than my family's!!!!!

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