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Thread: Sex swing at Pearl.or seen one used.

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    Sex swing at Pearl.or seen one used.

    We've never experienced one or seen one used. Can you tell us more about how it's used at Pearl. Stories? :bj
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    It's been 5 years since we've been to Pearl and unless it has changed, the playroom is very small with the swing in the centre and was hardly used when we were there. They actually setup a larger playroom for the group we were with.
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    We were there last Oct for our wedding anniversary and Hubby went all out by booking a private dinner in the wine vault. Now here is the surprise. When we got back to our room the staff had set up our room like a sex playroom They had changed all the light bulbs to red and installed a sex swing from the ceiling. There was even a sex couch.. it was a fun night.. We never booked this but the staff went out of their way to make it a great time..
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    Now that's customer service.
    Sounds awesome

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    In our two visits to Pearl combined, we saw one couple playing alone in the "Sin Room" one single time.
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