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Thread: A way to improve the spa numbers?

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    A way to improve the spa numbers?

    Every morning the nice spa ladies ask if you would like a massage and it got me to thinking, what if they offered females the chance to be massaged by some strong, young, buff cabana boy? There would be a line to get into the place! The kid makes some $ which is good for the local economy, the resort makes some $ and the women all have smiles on their faces. What's wrong with that?

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    The resort hires certified massage folks. This takes years for the training. There is a difference between a massage by someone who knows what they are doing and someone who is just pushing on your skin and muscles.

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    I think a licensed male would be a good asset, try it for a few months, it it does not work out go back, no brainer.

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    Oh, I never realized men don't become certified massage therapists. My bad; silly me. And all of these years I've been for equal rights.

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