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Thread: Sending Positive Thoughts into the ATF Community

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    Sending Positive Thoughts into the ATF Community

    Good morning!

    I can't believe I am writing this but here we go. I am a newly single mid-thirties, professional type of guy. My ex and I went to hedo back in December of 2016. It was an AWESOME trip and I am definitely hooked. As I re-enter the dating world I am realizing how hard it can be to find likeminded people out there open to Hedo, the lifestyle, etc. So, this morning I decided to put poitive vibes out into the world and the ATF community. I've already met great friends on here and I hope to do so again.



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    Love a positive attitude! Welcome!

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    We all love, positive vibes.... Welcome to the Hedo family...
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    Plenty of positive vibes in here
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