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Thread: YSW and Hedo Virgins Trip Report 3/17/17-3/25/17

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    YSW and Hedo Virgins Trip Report 3/17/17-3/25/17

    This was, by far, the best vacation we have ever been on.
    Up front disclosures……We have never been to one of these resorts before nor have we ever been to a LS event (being from the mid-west makes it tougher). This was not only our first time with Young Swingers Week but also our first trip to Jamaica having already been to various traditional resorts in Mexico. We were virgins in many regards with very little experience in the LS so we did not have a baseline to draw from. This is our new baseline and it was GREAT (more on that later). While we will try to be as objective as we can, this is really our chance to be opinionated about the entire YSW experience, both in rating the resort and the group in general. We can’t speak for other groups who say they might party longer/harder/better, we can only compare it to the traditional resort vacations we have taken in the past and this one was the GREATEST (did we say that already?)!
    This website and the reviews we read on it in advance really helped make the trip much more enjoyable. Taken as a whole, they offered great insight and alleviated a lot of the concerns/questions we had going into the trip. We view this editorial as our way of giving back and at the same time it should be a little cathartic for us to write down what we experienced. It also helped tremendously that we met a local couple ahead of time who had been to Hedo several times with this group. Talking through some of the facts vs. myths was not only helpful but really started to get us into the mood for the trip. I think my wife was more apprehensive about what to expect (based on other trip reports, I would say this is the rule). The other wife really did a great job of selling the trip without trying to sell the trip.

    Instead of giving day by day recaps, we thought it would be better to just speak to the different aspects of the trip. There are two reasons for this. First, a lot of the days are similar to each other and we followed the same general routine. Second, Danny Boy has written an excellent day by day review that we could not hope to compete with for its detail and insight.

    A Bio of Us
    As mentioned above, this was our first time going to anything like this and we had very little experience in the LS. We’ve been married for 15 years and so we’ve been together long enough to know what we like and don’t like. The question we got a lot was; being newbies, why this kind of destination and why this group? We have been talking about this kind of trip a couple of times a year over the last several years. These conversations went on for far too long before I got the nerve up to present her with the actual trip and group info. Again, thank you to this website and the trip reports which helped me build the case for this trip. To answer the question of why this destination and why this group? My general rule is if you’re going to do something then don’t do it half ass. Jump in with both feet. We don’t get to travel outside the country very often and who knows when we would get back. I wanted to be bold and look back when I’m old and wrinkled and say, “yeah…..we did that!” (of course we can never tell anyone close to us that we did it). I don't know if this is true but I have read that, generally speaking, it can be a slightly older crowd at Hedo depending on the group. The average age at YSW is mid-30’s and we wanted to be at the older end of that spectrum vs. the younger end of an older spectrum. My wife had all of the normal body image and sexual PDA insecurities that you read so much about on this website. The biggest source of my anxiety came from the fear of missing out verses the fear of burning out. I know I am not 21 anymore and keeping a balance was important to me.

    Flights and Travel
    We did not do Club Mobay or Tim Air. Our flight got into MB at 10:00 and we rightly guessed that the foot traffic would not be too bad at that time of day. We literally made it through immigration/customs and baggage claim in about 20 minutes. Immigration could not get us into the country fast enough and there were no lines. We sat waiting for the bus at the outdoor bar for about 30-45 minutes before heading out. Everyone on our bus was going to Hedo. I have heard stories about it being a mixed group and thankfully we did not have that awkward silence.

    Check-In & Rooms
    The couple who we met for dinner a few weeks prior to the trip was kind enough to meet us in the lobby, help us through check-in and gave us a quick tour of the resort. Again, they went above and beyond in making us feel at ease. I would strongly recommend travel groups in the future try and have an experienced couple greet a virgin couple in the lobby to help show them the ropes. They walked us to the room and said they would be back in 30 minutes to retrieve us for the nude pool. We paid extra for an ocean front, upgraded, nude side room. We don't know if this was worth the extra cost but it was nice. The shower and deck (we were on the second floor) alone were worth the upgrade. Plenty of room in the shower for 2 (or 3) and the deck had some great lounging furniture that we took advantage of 20 minutes at a time……☺ We had a beautiful view of the water and nude beach. While it’s an upgraded room, it still does not compare to some of the other resorts we have stayed at which are much nicer and spacious. We saw the standard rooms and they are nothing to write home about. We have read that you just go there for sex and sleeping (which is very true) but the standard rooms are really just normal hotel rooms with small bathrooms and no ability to get outside.

    I have read so many stories about the first timers and their anxiety regarding the first trip to the nude pool. I can’t say I didn’t have some anxiety but this was something I had been thinking about almost daily for about 4 months. I just wanted to get out there and get it over with. As promised, our friends arrived 30 minutes later in their birthday suits. This was the first of MANY surreal moments. Seeing 2 people that we were developing a friendship with standing naked in our hotel room while we were standing there naked looking at them was something that took some getting used to. Walking to the nude pool allowed me to watch my wife move around in public with no clothes on which again was surreal (I’m going to be using that word a lot) and very nice!

    Restaurants & Food
    All of the restaurants and food were good. She had one bad steak. We felt the food was closer to American in terms of selection and ingredients than the resorts in Mexico. Unlike other trips, this was the first time we never gorged ourselves at any one meal. The jerk chicken sandwich with a side of fries needs to be a daily staple if you’re hanging at the nude pool.

    PDA’s and Sexy Time
    There can’t be anything like Hedo anywhere else in the world. The nude pool and hot tub create an atmosphere that just screams for sex. Everyone is very friendly, naked, drinking, moving to the music and generally just having a good time bumping into one another. There is every kind of PDA (including some mild intercourse) to be had in and around the pool/hot tub. We have read that security will break up the more aggressive displays but we never saw anyone get stopped. The stricter guards must have been on vacation that week. It took me a day to realize that not only am I naked in the pool but so is my wife. It wasn't until the second day we realized we could play with each other and no one gave a shit, they were all doing the same thing. It also took us a day to understand a lot of the people at the pool were more than ok with some nice soft swap action in the pool. We were both a little tentative at first but by the end of the week it was full speed ahead. This was when we were first introduced to Rum Cream.
    Here’s my memory of the Rum Cream. A new friend of ours (and Hedo veteran) went to the bar and got a plastic glass filled with ice and Rum Cream. He had my wife get up on the pool deck, lean back and while he dribbled Rum Cream all over her body 3 other women licked/sucked it off. This was the second hottest thing I saw all week. The first hottest thing I saw was seeing my wife and 2 other woman do it to another very hot woman the next day with my wife being down between her legs……..oof!!

    This was one of the best vacations I have ever experienced. In fact, I am a little sad that we waited until now to go. Hedo just speaks sex! From the nudity, to the music, to the PDAs in and around the pool you can’t help but get turned on and aroused. There are beautiful attractive people everywhere you look…..what’s not erotic about that? There is a contagious sexual energy that you can’t help but get wrapped up in.
    I remember the first day we got to Hedo and took the plunge into the nude pool. This was my first introduction to the acceptance of Hedo PDA. Nothing like a good ‘ole pool-side blow job! I will admit I was taken aback at first, but after a day or so it appeared everyone was doing it - or something of the like.…. it was AWESOME!!! Needless to say by mid-week, I too was taking part in some pool-side activities…..

    Pool & Hot Tub
    Describing the afternoon scene at the nude pool can be difficult. There are so many things happening at the same time and all of your senses are being stimulated. The pool itself is really kind of small with the swim-up bar at the end of it. People start trickling in around noon and by 2:00 it is ramping up to full party mode. The DJ is playing loud dance music all afternoon and there are 2-3 “contests” each afternoon which usually involve some form of oral sex. It’s hot and breezy, everyone is of course naked and it’s crowded. I can’t overstate this enough. It is CROWDED. There were times when going to the swim up bar for a drink meant either rubbing your genitals against half the pool or contorting yourself to the point it looked like you had a handicap. Speaking of drinks……the bar staff did a fabulous job of somehow knowing where you stood in line. Because of the “no tipping” policy, I rarely saw anyone not get waited on in the order they came to the bar. They cranked out every kind of drink, shot, daiquiri and beer you can think of. This is where my wife and I were first introduced to Rum Cream……aaaahhhhhh Rum Cream!! More on this in the PDA section. Based on how many people were in the pool and the amount of alcohol that was being consumed, you would think there would be some kind of line for the bathrooms (especially the woman’s) but that wasn’t the case…………I wonder why??????? My advice, drink some water with your alcohol. A week at Hedo is like a marathon and you have to pace yourself. Just enough to keep a good buzz going but not too much or it has a longer term consequences.

    The hot tub got more crowded once the sun went behind the building. Our first two days were not good days for the water purity in the hot tub. There was a nice film of “stuff” floating around and we were constantly pushing it away. The water was also, shall we say, a little foggy. Did we give a shit? No we did not. I thought the shape of the hot tub was great. It allows you to form small little groups in and around the curves that allow for a little privacy while still being in the middle of PDA Town. People start clearing out around 5:00-6:00 for nap time and to get ready for dinner. It picks up again around midnight.

    Nude Vs. Prude
    Out of the 6 days spent at Hedo, we were only on the prude side for a couple of hours in the late morning/early afternoon. Generally speaking, it is quieter and more subdued. If you want to get away from the craziness of the nude pool and get a nice nap in under a shade tree, then the prude side is your place. I honestly don’t know if the prude pool was ever crowded, we never saw anyone in it. There are smaller pools tucked away on the prude side with outdoor beds next to them and I am a little bummed we never made it to them to hang out. They looked like they would have been fun.

    Night Time
    Theme nights were interesting. About 2/3 of the woman participated and about ½ the men did. My wife dressed up every night with the exception of fetish night. In my humble opinion, she looked fantastic every night. We did quite a bit of shopping online with her sending several outfits back once she tried them on. Again, this was worth the effort. Of course, she can never wear any of it again but damn did she look good. I tried to wear something for each of the nights (with the exception of fetish night) and guys, here is some advice. You either have to choose to go sexy or funny and it’s hard to pull off sexy if you’re a guy. They just don’t make sexy apparel for men. Besides, my idea of sexy is to wear a nice suit and they didn’t have pin striped suit night. Most women wore their outfits to dinner but then some changed after.
    Most people bounced around from the main bar, to the piano lounge, to the disco and finally to the hot tub or play room. Unless you made specific plans to meet up with someone ahead of time, it was hard to try and find them with so many dining and drinking destinations. This led to one or two nights of frustration as we had decided we wanted to hang with another couple if we ran into them and we never ran into them. So much of the Hedo attitude is to live in the moment. You can be having a great, intimate time with a couple at 4:00 in the afternoon and think to yourself, we are going to party with these people all night and we’re all going to have multiple orgasms. By 8:00 that night the spell is broken and you’ve both moved on to something else.

    Play Room
    Our first trip to the play room happened to be on fetish night. While we have read plenty of trip reports, we really did not know what to expect and I was very nervous about performing in a room full of people. I also had to be reintroduced to wearing a condom again (haven’t had to worry about that for about 7 years). We went with 3 other couples and there was already some medium grade S&M going on….nothing too bold though. We were there for just your standard meat and potatoes session. Some very nice foreplay and sex ensued and my fears (thankfully) did not come to fruition. Sex in the playroom is not much different than fooling around in the pool or hot tub. You just have to avoid distractions and focus on the person your with.

    I too was a little apprehensive about going to the Play Room. I had no idea what this “room” would entail or what to expect to see or experience when I got in there. Being newbies to Hedo it felt a little awkward. There are two separate rooms. One is basically a huge open room with mattresses all over the floor. That’s the only way I can describe it. The second room, which is the one we went to, was a little more S&M - chains, arm ties, a shower, a few more bed-like mattresses, etc. The entire Play Room is very dimly lit….”mood lighting” if you will, and there is very soft music playing that is barely noticeable. I remember saying that I felt like I was in a library!!! It was so quiet in there. Once I got in the groove of what was happening I started to enjoy myself. Obviously, who you are with and how comfortable you are with the people you’re in the Play Room with can have a huge impact on how awkward things can feel. The people we were with were great!

    We were both depressed the morning we left and we have felt “off” ever since we got back to reality. It’s like we were in a trance and were coming out of it. We have read plenty about the power of Hedo and it is true. We have already committed to each other that we will be back next March. We can’t imagine going anywhere else and we already miss the friends we made down there. We hope this has been a helpful read to any other virgins who are contemplating going. If you are very secure in your relationship then you will have an experience that you will relish the rest of your life….that of course you can’t tell any family or close friends about….

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    Great report. I suspect that soon you will be visiting more than once a year!

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    What a great report. Sounds like you have been bitten by 'the power of Hedo'. Welcome to the family! Your report captures the essence of what so many of us love about the place. I agree with DannyBoy - you may be visiting more than once a year soon!!

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    Hey guys, great report, enjoyed every bit of it, this should help out lots of people (virgins) understand more what Hedo is all about and can be like. It truly would be difficult to ever go back to a vanilla resort once you have been to "Fantasy Island", I believe everyone should just do it!! We are very open with our family and friends about where we go as we see nothing wrong with having the time of your life, I would think and hope everyone enjoys sex, whether it is just flirting and playing with others or even more, at the very least just as a couple, after all we are all sexual beings - we have no shame about it and are proud to tell people where we go (its like bragging rights). However we do not share all the dirty details, we just tell them it is a blast to party naked with others and go find out for yourself! Thanks again for the awesome report, it was great to meet you guys in person after chatting on here, maybe we will see you guys again next March - we will be back for sure next year, just a matter of when the mother in law can watch the kids. BTW - she really wants to go but the father in law won't.

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    GREAT trip report!! Thank you for writing it. BTW that off feeling you have is called DIF
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    great report and I really enjoyed reading it. Really sums up the newbie experience and will help assure future people who have concerns.
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    Thanks for taking the time to write such a fabulous newbie trip report, it should be compulsory reading for anyone considering going for the first time. Sure sounds like you enjoyed to the max!
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    Awesome report. Newbie reports always bring back memories of our first trip. Welcome to the hedo family.
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    Thank you for the nice compliments..........we just put our deposit down for March 2018!!!!!! Giddy Up!!!!!

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    What a great report! Your 'aftermath' perfectly conveys the feelings my wife and I are having. Major case of DIF!

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    Thank you for posting this! We head there Tuesday for 3 nights/4 days and can't wait!

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    Great trip report! Thanks

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