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Thread: Young Swingers Week March 2017

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    This was our first time at YSW, and our first time ever doing any type of nude/swinger resort.

    It was a fun little game between us while we were waiting to board the plane trying to guess who was with YSW as well. We did manage to pick out correctly at least two other couples!

    We made use of the Club Mobay VIP arrival service which had someone waiting for us when we got off the plane holding a sign with our names and rushed us through immigration. After that we sat in the VIP lounge, had some drinks and waited for the shuttle. Shuttle was a huge bus and we stopped about half way there for a bathroom break, and then we were there!


    We had to wait about 30 minutes before getting our room keys, necklaces, and the rest of the swag bag, but they were pretty over loaded with a whole bus full of people all at once. Talked to the Kasidie, SDC, and Quiver reps on site while we waited. Got a cool little toy/condom bag from Kasidie and shirts from Quiver and SDC. After that, it wasn't much longer until our room was ready and off we went.

    We had an Ocean View Nude room, and we were four doors down from the nude pool. This ended up being very convenient because we pretty much hung out the majority of the time there, but bad for trying to do any type of napping in the middle of the day because of the loud music at the pool, but we didn't mind. There were hammocks right outside the room that served that purpose when needed.

    Shower had really good pressure, water always hot (if not scalding at times), bed was good, dresser/nightstand drawers were frustrating at times, but overall didn't really have any complaints. We decorated our room with red lights in the window and had a mini disco ball light attached to the mirror that you could see from the pool/grill at night. Mood lighting for the week was set!

    We tend to over think a lot of things, and like to go overboard, and the door decoration contest was one of those things. After unpacking, it was our first order of business as it was going to take a bit of time. It was fun getting a wide enough piece of craft paper to fit in your luggage!. I think our door turned out pretty awesome! We didn't win, but the couple that did win had a whole pirate themed scavenger hunt around the whole resort that involved a clue to a location, and each location had a number written in chalk, and once you had all three numbers, you had the combo to unlock the ammo case outside of their room to get your booty. They definitely deserved it!


    After that it was off with the clothes and to the nude pool. This being our first time at a nude resort, it was like entering a different world, but something you become quickly acclimated with and don't really give it a second thought. We didn't hang out too long since we were still kind of tired from our travel day, so it was back to the room for a shower, dinner, then changed into the first themed night Hats/Heels/Lingerie, then bed. I think we looked for the playroom this night, but didn't have much luck finding the entrance. We heard arrival day is pretty 'blah' as everyone is kind of tired from traveling, getting in late, etc.. We were told by another couple Sunday would be much more lively.

    Sunday was definitely more lively to put it lightly.. this day was kind of a blur... lots of drinks, shots, liquor, sex.. We definitely weren't the only ones that went pedal to the metal this day to really 'start' the vacation, but after this day we learned to take a more balanced approach if we wanted to last a whole week. Sunday was naughty school girls and boys.. lots of sexy costumes.

    Monday we started to sort of find our rhythm.. wake up at 11am, shower, lunch, nude pool, shower, change into theme, dinner/show, whatever party there is that night, nude hot tub, nude grill pizza, bed. The goat races were this day.. wasn't sure what to expect, but they were pretty hilarious. One goat was like on steroids and basically whoever had that goat won, right up until it was pointed out, then he didn't seem to want to run anymore. This was pimps and hoe's night.. this theme was kinda eh.. we also ate at the Hibachi restaurant this night, and I think this was the first night we ever really felt full from a meal. Unfortunately we got there kinda late, had to wait 45 minutes for a table, and it all turned into like a 2 hour ordeal and we missed most of the Reggae concert on the beach because of it.

    Tuesday followed the same schedule.. nude pool in the afternoon, huge beach ball pool challenge was a sight to see. So many balls! I don't think anyone actually 'wins' just because it never really stops lol. This was the rave/glow party as well which was a lot of fun. Lots of energy and definitely our element. Stopped by the playroom (finally found it!) for the 'DTF Party' and it was packed, couldn't find any space, ended up going somewhere else, nude pool, pizza, bed.

    Wednesday more of the same and it was fetish night.. I hated my costume for this night, she loved hers.. I guess we all make sacrifices. This was probably the best dinner show of the whole week though.

    Thursday at the nude pool had naked twister, did a huge group photo at the Hedo wall, took a catamaran to Rick's Cafe which was a blast. They had so many people they needed two boats. Lots of nakedness.. lots of gawking from the other resorts as the boats sailed by which was fun. Had to put clothes back on before going to Rick's (boo). At Rick's you can do cliff diving at various different heights.. I didn't partake, but she did.


    Then back on the boat and do some water sliding until everyone is loaded up then back to the resort. Carli Bei from Naked News was on our boat doing interviews and what not.. can't wait to see the footage they got.


    This was toga night and the foam party.. wow. Foam must have been 15ft high. If you aren't on the sides, you are covered and can't see anything and it’s hard to breath. Lot of naked slippery bodies all close together.. good times

    Friday was our last full day and you can tell the crowd definitely starts thinning out slightly and a lot of the older folks start arriving early for their week. She was definitely harassed by a couple older gentlemen at dinner that didn't seem to get the message we weren't interested. Lobster and Sushi were good. We were leaving early Saturday, so we kept it somewhat low key.. at least low key compared to the rest of the week. One thing that stuck out was something that happened at the nude pool after the golden shower contest that blew 50's mind.. he was literally in shock for like 30 minutes because in all his time at Hedo he had never seen something like that before with a certain kind of milk...

    This was also 'favorite team night', which was YSW specific as the rest of the resort was doing 'Rock Star' night. You really get a sense of how many different people from so many different places are there just by seeing all the different teams being represented from across all sports.

    We had the sign carving guy make us a sign to leave behind and met with him early Saturday morning and he hung it at the nude pool bar for us before we left. Every year we come back, we'll get to add another year to it which will be nice.

    Overall, the resort is pretty nice and it looks like they are constantly improving things. Our room was good, and the premium rooms we spent some time in were much better, but I don't know if its worth the price since we literally only used the room for sleep, showers, and sex. I think this was maybe the first week the whole disco was open? Most of the time we stopped by the disco it was kinda dead, but a couple of the nights its was jumping. Piano bar was ok.. stopped in for a little bit a couple of nights and wasn't really into it. Prude Grill is good if you want a cheese burger and fries.. we did lunch here a couple of times just because we got tired of the buffet food. The buffet was just eh.. sometimes we would find something we liked on it, but most times we didn't and would just hit up the pasta station which was always good. You aren't really at Hedo for the food, so not a big deal. The water stopped working later in the week after dinner one night.. that was a little concerning especially for the girls not being able to use the bathroom, but it was back on and functioning by the time we woke up. Never really woke up early enough for breakfast except when we were leaving on Saturday and we just did bagels. Nude pool is the place to be during the day for sure.. honestly we didn't spend much time on the beach, maybe an hour one day. I've been to Jamaica years ago, and you would always have the guys walking down the beach offering weed which is pretty par for the course there, but now it seems like they have expanded their wares to include 8balls, xtc, and shrooms. Lots of PDA going on all over the nude pool which is fun to watch/participate, so many cans of alcohol infused whip cream being passed around, MC 50 is a blast and keeps the party jumping, and DJ Cerino is much better than the house DJ's. Met lots of cool people, no drama which is nice.. seems like a lot of people know each other from previous years. We knew about 3-4 couples already just because we've been at the same parties in our area with them, so it was good to see some familiar faces even though it was our first time to YSW. I would say the age range was pretty much mid 20's to mid 30's for the most part, which from what I understand talking to other couples Hedo skews much much higher the other weeks.

    The Hedo staff, YSW staff and hosts, 50, DJ Cerino, Holli and Michael, and Carli Bei.. all great people. We got back on Saturday, and placed our deposit for next March on Sunday. Only 351 days to go...


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    Great report! I love how you mixed in pictures. Thanks for writing it.
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    Excellent report, sure sounds like you enjoyed to the max! Thanks for posting
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    Excellent report. I was there too btw

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    Really enjoyed your report! Thanks for taking the time to share, and glad to know you will be going back!
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    Yep it was a pretty incredible week. Thanks for taking the time to write a trip report. Hopefully I'll find some time to do one of our own, but you pretty much summed it up. That "event" at the pool was definitely a first all right, always something new at YSW!

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    We arrived on the 24th as part of the "older" crowd. At 48 I'll alert AARP to get my card ready lol. But we did get there in time to see the "milk" event. That was indeed a new one for us as well. We also saw some new things during our, most notably a reciprocal saw someone brought but instead of a blade they had attached a dildo. Quite entertaining to see that get put to use. Wow. Hedo never fails to entertain, that is for sure.
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