We travelled 3/19-3/24 this year for our second ever visit to Desire Pearl. This will be cross-posted to both Desire Mexico Forums and AdultTravelForum sites since we’ve enjoyed contributing to both travel resources in the past. We’ve found great value in reading trip reports from others and hope you enjoy this one too.

Theme Nights
Havana Night was a big question mark for us. We didn’t know exactly how to dress for this one. We did our best. Nobody hands out grades for how closely you match the theme so we just went and had fun. Burlesque Night was a big hit. Lots of corsets and wonderful cleavage all around. This was my favorite theme night of the week. BDSM Night was another one we were uneasy about. BDSM isn’t our thing, so we did the best we could. The people who really embraced this theme were very creative. Kudos to them. Tape Night was a bust. Only 4 people participated. They were very courageous though, so I give them props. Sexy Uniforms was our last theme night and we went with sexy Catholic school girl and nerdy engineer. It’s a lot of fun when we both have something good to wear and can both participate equally in the theme night. The lesson we learned from last year was to take a picture every single night in dinner dress and in theme dress for posterity. We really missed the boat last year and squandered a great opportunity for good pics. Not this time! We learned our lesson.

Aphrodite was exactly as we remembered it and Pearl took just as long for dinner as it did last year. The big hit was the new Unik Gastropub that took the place of the sushi bar. What an incredible view from the panoramic windows at sunset! I’ve never dined before in a more incredible setting. Too bad the place is so small, they can only fit maybe 10 tables in there. We ordered Baked Alaska for dessert and accidentally set off the fire alarm. That caused quite a stir. It made for a good story.

This trip was the best vacation we’ve ever taken. I attribute most of that to the fact that we joined the Yahoo Group for March 2017 and then discovered a Kik group for March 2017. We ended up maxing out the group at 50 people. It was so much fun getting to know everyone a few months before our trip. Some were more active participants than others. A few people came and went. Overall, it was a blast to chat, plan for theme nights, share pictures, and otherwise get excited for the trip. There was a good mix of Desire veterans and newbies and everyone had great advice. When we got to the resort, we immediately felt like we knew a dozen people. Every single day we went to breakfast or lunch, we could go from table to table saying hi and chatting with people. At dinner, we always had a crew and never once ate alone. Showing up at theme nights as a group added a whole new dynamic to our fun. It was very fulfilling and we’re so glad we decided to join the informal group. We ended up spending time with people that we never would have approached had it not been for already knowing them via Kik. We both learned a very valuable lesson about judging a book by the cover. It was a humbling lesson and we’ve already tried translating that to our kids in words they can understand. Never in a million years would we have met so many people at a vanilla resort. We’re spoiled now. This is how we do it from now on!

Photo Shoot
Thanks to the very generous members of our Kik group, we saw multiple examples of couples who did the photo shoot with Jahel the photographer. We never once saw a bad picture from one of our new Kik friends. They were all fantastic. After some debate, we decided to go way outside our comfort zone and book a shoot. Little did we realize, but nearly every other couple in our group did the same. Jahel was a very busy woman last week. It was all well deserved. She spent a full 3 hours with us going from outfit to outfit and setting to setting all around the resort. We were blown away by the results when she showed us our pictures the very next day. We ended up buying just the electronic files on a memory stick. In addition to some we can put on our Kasidie profile, we even have some family friendly ones to share and possibly even print out on a big canvas for the wall. We couldn’t be happier with the work Jahel did for us. She’s absolutely amazing at what she does to make the couple feel comfortable. We’re so glad we did the shoot.