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    This is my first time posting. But im a married 26 year old female. Me and my husband are looking at going to a warm beach somewhere and was just wondering what my options or what i should get for a sexy bikini?

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    You could try Wicked Weasel or Malibu Strings if you want something really sexy (tiny lol) Or just go to Hedo where you don't need one. Less stress about what to wear to the beach!
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    Once you go on a nude vacation like Hedo you will Never want to put on a bathing suit again........................

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    Agreed on Wicked Weasel or Malibu wife wears both. Malibu Strings tends to have a bit more exotic patterns and blingy look like the crystal thong back she's wearing here...

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    If you find it sexy, do it ............that and more is what hedo is about. Dress sexy feel sexy.

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    Alright well thank you. I just was unsure since our funds arent exactly that great being newly weds. Just was looking for a sutible yet sexy one to wear in the states!

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    so wicked weasel and malibu strings work, also check out dubiobikinis

    they are more revealing than either of the others if you pick the right one

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    We really like Dangerous Curves bikinis, Mrs Naughty has a few and really loves them.
    On page 272 of the real boobs and butts page she is modeling one of the bottoms. That was her outfit for when we relaxed on the prude side at Hedo.

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