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Thread: Just booked November 2017 Bliss cruise

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    Just booked November 2017 Bliss cruise

    Hi all,

    this is our first post to forum. We just booked our first cruise and it will be Bliss Cruise November 2017. We are 33&39yrs old couple from Finland and been earlier to Temptation (Feb/16), Desire RM (Feb/16 and Nov/16) and Desire Pearl (Nov/16). Many couples we met at Pearl had visited Bliss Cruise, so we decided to join them! We will spend week at Miami before cruise at Rooftop Resort and on Friday evening before cruise we are going to Miami Sheraton for Cruise Meet&Greet. We booked Concierge Class cabin from Deck 9.

    If you are going on the same cruise or have met us at Desire don't hesitate to send msg!

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    We will be on the November 2017 cruise. We have been to Temptation once back in July 2016. Had a great time except got a little sick from the food. We have been cruising for many years and we know the food will be great. We have not done the lifestyle cruise before so don't know much about it. We love people and love to have fun. We did not know about the meet&Greet at the Miami Sheraton. Is that open to everyone. We booked through Dream Pleasures so I am not sure we would be invited. Take care and lets stay in touch.

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    We are booked as well. This is our second Bliss craise. We were also looking at the rooftop resort. Chitown all the info about the m&great is on the bliss website.

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    Were on the March bliss hooked and booked for the Nov. 2017. Where is the preboarding party?

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