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Thread: share wife with bbc and watch

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    share wife with bbc and watch

    So my hubby recently told me he wants to watch me with a bbc ... up to 3 bbc's .. we are exploring and I am still not sure about it all. But where do we start looking if we want to find a way to make this fantasy a reality?

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    I like that fantasy myself, can I at least watch? It may be a bit difficult but no out of the question. I think your best bet would be to let it be known at the nude pool, and certainly any blacks you are attracted to. Find one and I am sure he has friends more than willing to assist, problem with that is your criteria for the males. have fun, hope it works out for you.

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    We have traveled to a few places where Oxana was able to experience her fantasies. She was born in Russia and only saw one black person in Moscow when she was 13. She is now 29. We went to Dutchess County New York where a friend owns an apple orchard. Each year he had pickers come in from Jamaica. We arranged a "bonus" for his top men.
    There were only suppose to be 5 but she ended up with 12 guys. .. I have over 4 hours of video. Alas, the price of apples has fallen and my friend no longer reaps his crop.
    thus no more big black guys. We have gone to Panama and Oxana has worked in a dirt cheap brothel for a night. (I had to compensate the other girls for loss of income).
    She wants to go to Nigeria to do the same but HIV is rampent. She likes bareback creampies. We are suffering with the lock down. The noise is horrendous. To explain, I hired Oxana as a nanny for my 3 adopted grandkids. Home confinement is a killer.

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