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Thread: DRM Logistical Questions

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    DRM Logistical Questions

    We have a few logistical questions that we are hoping some of the folks that have been to the resort a few times might be able to help with:

    1. Transportation from Airport to the Resort. What is the best way to make arrangements for that? Is arranging it with the resort directly worth it?
    2. Theme Nights. Is this something everyone actually participates in, or is it just a gimmick to appeal to the web browsing geek in me?
    3. Personal Hygiene Materials. Do you find the hotel shampoo and body wash materials sufficient or would you recommend bringing your own? I hate to pack that stuff, what about just buying it there and tossing it at the end of the trip?
    4. Vanilla Cover Story. I was told that the resort has an alternative resort name and information to give out to our vanilla family and friends. We are going with a small group of lifestyle friends that are also known to our vanilla friends, so I need to orchestrate a cover story for us all to be consistent.

    Thanks in advance to those of you that reply.

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    1. Book with the resort. They are reliable and fast. Will also stop you at a store if you need to.
    2. Theme nights usually has about 70% of the women and maybe 30% of the men participate.
    3. We bring our own. The ones they supply really suck and if you buy them at their store OUCH! Pricey to say the least.
    4. Yes Desire has a number you can give out that is identified by their mother corporation and says nothing about desire or the location.

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    We've used USA Transfers a couple of times and really like them. Last time we had the stop at Walmart on the way to the resort to pick up some supplies, they are very accommodating.

    Danny Boy is bang on regarding the theme night participation. Don't feel like you have to dress up for all of them, sexy clubwear is great for any evening. Less is more when it comes to dressing up for the evening.

    The vanilla phone number they'll give you is answered as "Original Resorts".

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    Thanks for the responses! I'm told that the vanilla number now just answers "reservations," but that will do fine.

    What are non Themed guys wearing to these things? Club attire with slacks or (I hate to say it) "smart denim" and dress shoes or is it more casual than that?

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    Its pretty casual for the guys at the disco. Plan to head directly to the hot tub when the disco starts to die, so I go with khaki shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops most nights.
    Mikey and Diane

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    A lot of people take a walk down the beach during the day to take a few pics at the vanilla resort next door to post on social media and whatnot. Do this DURING THE DAY - the deserted stretch of beach between DRM and vanilla resort isnt safe at night. We were stopped by security one night as we were walking off the DRM grounds and he told us not to go because of banditos.

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    Great questions...and answers!! I was also wondering these things.

    12 trips to H3/H2 in da books...1st trip to Desire RM September 11~18, 2018!!
    Looking forward to meeting new sexy friends!!

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