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Thread: Awaken your sensuality and soul through TANTRA

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    Awaken your sensuality and soul through TANTRA

    How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and saw routine written all over your body? Going to the same places, talking at the same people, doing the same thing over and over again? How about routine at home? family? your husband or wife? Same type of kiss, same way of having sex? Routine is ticking bomb and sometimes we all know it but choose to do almost anything about it.

    My name is Claudia Gabucio, some of you may know me or have heard of me. I am a therapist specialized in couples. Here in Cancun, I offer a couples therapy that helps people build again a broken barrier between two souls that love each other and due to routine, work, stress, kids, among other things, the connections between the two has been missing. My therapy is a mix between couples tantra, sensual (not sexual), holistic massage, smooth background music and the ancient art of touch in an environment full of love, comfort and an open space for couples to experience a deep sensation of love and connection like never before.

    Is my therapy a typical massage like others Spas? No, it is not. My therapy goes beyond what a typical Spa would offer. I will guide both through tantra, yoga techniques and yes at some point a massage; I will guide you on how to revive the flame of love, how to reconnect and show each other how to touch one another and how to be touched. The workshop last 2 hours and a half in between both of you , during the session I will also teach you how to apply my techniques on each other.

    This isn’t a couples sexual massage neither a typical massage, if you are looking for such thing I encourage you to make an appointment at your Resort´s Spa, they are great and probably allow things I wouldn’t. My therapy is for those looking to have a deeper connection. This is about love, true love. To regained that look of complicity with your loved one, that breathtaking kiss, that gentle touch and that connection not only in your bedroom but with those around you.

    Any questions or doubts please feel free and write me back and I would love to get back with you as soon as possible.

    I'm only doing one couple a day, could be 11.00am or 12.00pm from Monday's till Saturday's.

    Celebrating any birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or just because you want to surprise your honey? This will be the best gift you can give for both of you.
    And the best thing....... something you can take back home with you and keep working and enjoying yourselfs too.

    Looking forward to hear from you and the pleasure to meet you soon !!

    Send you all a big hug of love and light. Claudia.

    Claudia Gabucio Terrazas

    cel 9981-22-62-23 ( WORK )

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    Chris, can't you ban this person from posting here? I hope that your great website doesn't get further hijacked by such blatant advertising for their own private businesses.

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